Album Share: My Happiness – Carol Nelson

carol nelsonOur latest share features the dulcet tones and incomparable style of songstress Carol Nelson of Sarasota, Florida.

Using the stage name ‘Crazy Carol’, Ms. Nelson winds her way through a variety of popular songs with a voice that ranges from a gentle croon to a powerful belt. She is backed up in these endeavors by a fine seven piece band that provide the perfect compliment to Ms. Nelson’s unique interpretations. Be sure to have a listen to House of the Rising Sun and I Will Survive.

I have been unable to find much information about Ms. Nelson. I have found references that suggest that she is still performing and hosting karaoke in the Sarasota area, but she does not appear to do anything in the way of self promotion. There are some fantastic photographs of Ms. Nelson in action on what looks to be an abandoned blog, but I am not sure when the photos were taken. Information is also sparse concerning the many sidemen on the album, but it seems that the lead guitarist, Howlin’ Bob Fieberts is active and currently has an album on CDBaby.

The studio where the album was recorded, Strickland Sounds, is no more having been involuntarily dissolved by Florida’s Division of Corporations in 1988.

Although her pitch may falter, Ms. Nelson will win you over with her heart and spirit. Here’s hoping she is still out there entertaining audiences with her personality and charisma. Have fun listening and as always, Enjoy!

Download all the mp3s and cover art in one 41 MB zip file.

11 Responses to “Album Share: My Happiness – Carol Nelson”

  1. Fred Davis Says:

    It sounds as if the source of Carol’s “Happiness” comes from the folks at Seagrams.

    Thanks for the album, I think.

  2. rickdog Says:

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  3. Weirdomusic Says:

    Hey Pastor, where are the updates?!
    Hope everything’s ok.

    best wishes,

  4. KB Says:


    Gotta love the stock cover photo.
    Photos like these were provided by
    the record company/pressing plant
    to keep the package price down.

    Bland photo landscape covers
    are always worth checking out
    and are often quite lovely in
    a bland sort of way. Thanks!


    She reminds me of GayleMyrna

  5. Norma Says:

    Hello-I heard “Crazy Carol” approximately 9 years ago in southwest FL and I would like to contact her for a party we will be having in the North Port area this spring. Could you tell me how I could contact her. Thanks you so much for your assistance. Norma

  6. Persey Says:

    Thank you for sharing the album.

  7. Ron Rak Says:

    I hve 2 Carol Nelson Albums – Songs my mother taught me and Laugh your ass off with me.
    Any information about them?

  8. Trod Runyon Says:


  9. PETE Says:

    I have a dubbed cassette tape of her songs over 20 years ago, her songs are hilarious. The one that seems to have made it to YouTube and sang by many others is “The Pussy Cat song”

  10. PETE Says:

    I just downloaded the zip file here, I’m not familiar with those songs.. Anyone know where I can get her other album/songs in MP3?

    I remember the songs word for word geesh..
    Let me try to recollect as much as I can from the songs I remember..

    1) I left my husband… Sarasota… I left him in some little bar, he was all lit up like a star, with bloodshot eyes, they just seemed to stare, Hell I dont care…He calls me collect

    2) My pussy cat was scratchin out on the back door, scratched so long poor pussy got sore, sore pussy…Just a friendly little cat etc etc

    3) I am happy I am gay, I come once a day… I’m your mailman… I shake your knockers and I ring your bell, gee I think I’m mighty swell, I’m your mailman… I dont care for doors or locks, I just stick it in your box, I’m your mailman

    4)I saw her snatch…her suitcase from the window…I felt her but for a moment in the rain…I kissed her asssss she was walking to the station….

    5)***Theres another song about a girl with a wooden leg under her bed and false teeth or something.

    Well anyone know those songs or which album.. I do still have a cassette tape back in Newnan Georgia Thank you

  11. E. J. Barnes Says:

    After hearing Crazy Carol’s 1990s tapes, I found the download of this LP somewhat disappointing. Why? Because all the songs were sung “straight”! After listening to “Songs My Mother Never Taught Me” and “Laugn Your @$$ Off”, I was hoping that all the covers were actually parodies. Alas, no — not even “clean” parodies of old war-horses. Straight from R-rated stuff to earnest renderings of torch songs. Well done, though.

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