New CD, Moog-Tastic! released by Dana Countryman!

Moog-Tastic! cover

Be sure to check out my buddy Dana Countryman’s brand new solo CD, Moog-Tastic! Electronic Melodies From The 24th Century!

Years in the making, the album boasts 13 tracks in a wide variety of styles that are guaranteed to quell any Moog jones you may be experiencing.

Mostly made up of some fantastic Countryman original compositions, we are also treated to Moogified versions of the Beatles’ Day Tripper, Ennio Morricone’s La Califfa (featuring some beautiful work from guest world champion whistler Geert Chatrou), and a massive arrangement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #14, AKA Storm Over Beethoven.

In addition to Mr. Geert, guest performers making appearances on Moog-Tastic! Include Fay Lovsky, Vinnie Bell, Skip Heller, Morgan Fisher, and, of course, Jean-Jacques Perry.

Don’t miss a visit to the official promo page to experience track samples, video podcasts about the making of the album, and other Moog-errific goodies.

The album is available to download on iTunes and Amazon, but (hint hint), if you opt to get a physical copy, I’ve heard rumored there are some extras not included with the digital release.

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