Album Share – Christmas at C.P.H. – The Children of the Inpatient Music Therapy Program, University of Michigan’s Children’s Psychiatric Hospital

cph.jpgFor the past two years around Christmas, I’ve shared this wonderful album performed by the children in the Inpatient Music Therapy Program at the University of Michigan’s Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. The response has always been fantastic. Tracks from the album have found their way onto the playlists on WFMU in New York, have been used as background music in between shows at the Music Box Theater in Chicago, Illinois, and, judging from the many emails I’ve received and from my server logs, has been enjoyed by hundreds of people all over the world.

I’ve loved this album from the first time I heard it, but I have gained a new respect for it after having the pleasure of tracking down and conversing with Charles Whiting and Ken Michalik, two of the music therapists responsible for the concert. Messrs. Whiting and Michalik graciously shared their memories of the program, the concert, and the children involved.

Charles Whiting first became involved with CPH in 1973 while doing his music therapy internship under the direction of Jo Pickett. Ms. Pickett initiated the music therapy program in 1971. At the time, CPH was a free standing building that housed around 54 children ranging in age from 5-13 who stayed there 24 hours a day for a period of one to three years. Children entered the program for treatment of a wide variety developmental and behavioral disorders and were considered a danger to themselves and others.

Originally hired as an occupational therapist, Mr. Whiting began to introduce instrumental music as an extra activity to interested patients. He began with obtaining three rented instruments (two cornets and a trombone) and gave three children who had had no previous music experience lessons. They learned by rote and repetition and eventually worked up enough music to give an informal concert. The response was overwhelmingly positive. After hearing the small group perform, all of the children in the program wanted to be involved. The music program expanded to the point where every child received an hour of music instruction everyday as part of their regular activities. As the program grew, Mr. Whiting asked Ken Michalik, who was working as a percussion instructor in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to tutor a few of the students. Mr. Michalik did and found he loved doing it. He gradually worked his way into a full time position at CPH and earned a Music Therapy membership in the American Association for Music Therapy (now the American Music Therapy Association). Diane Katchadurian also joined the staff shortly after completing her music therapy internship.

The Christmas concert was only one part of a number of activities under the direction of Messrs. Whiting and Michalik. The children in the program gave concerts as frequently as the directors could get them ready. Learning everything by rote and imitation, these children performed as a jazz/rock ensemble, a string group, recorded a radio public service announcement for the Very Special Arts Festival Special (complete with a voice over by Bo Schembechler), and even learned and performed Prokofiev’s ‘Peter and the Wolf’, with narration, in its entirety. All this from children who, according to Mr. Whiting, normally had difficulty sitting still for more than five seconds at a stretch.

The Christmas concert was held in the Lydia Mendelson Theater on the campus of the University of Michigan each year. It was always very well attended and regularly brought the house down. Albums were pressed and given to the children as mementos, as well as sold to raise money for the music therapy program. The children were responsible for performing all the music, except the piano accompaniment for the instrumental solos.

Mr. Whiting still hears from the saxophone soloist, who credits the program with saving his life, every year around Christmas.

Ken Michalik is currently working as a music teacher in the Ann Arbor, Michigan School District where he continues to work with at-risk children. Charles Whiting is now the Director of Operations for the Medical Management Center at the University of Michigan Health System. Both he and Mr. Micharik are rightfully proud of the work and the children in the program and were astonished to hear of the reach their recording from so many years ago has had. All I can offer is a sincere thank you to them, and to the children who put their all into the performances. You’ve brought a lot of smiles to a lot of people with your efforts.

Have a great holiday everyone, have fun listening, and as always, Enjoy!

Download all mp3s and cover art in one 42 MB zip file.

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  1. Ernie Says:

    That’s a great story. It’s always amazing when you can track down the people involved in these albums.

  2. hbee Says:

    I found a copy of this last year and played it on a Battle of the Christmas song show I do. Sadly, I lost.

  3. Rich Says:

    thanks for posting this wonderful record!

  4. Kevin Farley Says:

    Hi, found a link to your site from senses working overtime, and they linked to the “pickle suite” record on your site. Is there any way to get those groovy files? Thank you for your work! Oh, I have “My Insurance Man”, my first industrial musical. I’m just a newbie!

  5. nomwl1 Says:

    Hi Pastor!

    Looks like a great Christmas share!

    I just wanted to wish you a happy holiday and to thank you for all the great music in the past (and present). Have a great 2007 and keep up the great work at the Rescue Mission! :))

  6. kettu Says:

    HI! thank you, this is great album! does anyone know in which year this was recorded?

  7. Ford MF Says:

    Holy crap, I thought I’d lost this thing forever. Close to two decades ago (jeez I’m old) my friends and I passed around tapes of this thing but none of us seemed to know where it had come from, or who had it first. Then, one day, as magically as it appeared, we all lost our tapes and it departed from our lives, we thought forever. Until now! That’s crazy. Happy New Year!

  8. Angelo Z. Says:

    I went to cph back in 1980-82 and was involved in the program. I played the drums, and other instuments. We play in the Jazz Band under Charlie & Ken. We played I remember, in the gym at cph. They wanted to play somewhere else.. I can;t remember were.. but we didn’t and played in the gym. I am a musician beacuse of that program. Wile I was at cph I learned the guitar were I slept (4th floor) and the drums on the 6th floor. You guy’s if you ever read this, you have changed my life when you introduced (music-instrument-playing) in my life. I now play the blues, classical, Rockabilly guitar and I just want to say thanks guy’s for the time and pateints you put into me and the other kids…keep up the good work! I am now 35 years old and have been married 12 years to my wife Shirley who supports my music 100%. Bye

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  11. Katie Says:

    In response to a previous post, the year would have been 1978. I am one of the kids pictured near the top. I used to enjoy playing the bells between shock treatments, and frontal lobotomies. / :

    Recently a friend, also in the picture, got hold of me after 30 years, and he showed me this site. My friend and myself have shared some cool memories of some of the staff and kids we met while at C.P.H. These memories are even more special now that the building has been demolished. At any rate, thanks to all the staff who believed in us and helped make us into musicians, and better people.

    If anyone would like to get in touch I can be reached at

    God bless,

  12. Katie Says:

    p.s. I was joking about the shock treatments and frontal lobotomies. They treated us very well. :)

    I would really like to hear from anyone who was in the program though, children or staff. After searching the internet, it seems that information on the program is really hard to find, and there are almost no photos at all of the building (CPH, demolished in 1992). Please contact me with any information, or to say “Hi.”

    Katie B.

  13. SCOTT Says:


  14. charlie whiting Says:

    To all those kids that I had the highest priviledge of spending some time with at CPH, I would love to hear from you. You can reach me at

  15. Scott Says:

    Hi everyone! i have started a group on for us children of C.P.H. it’s called “The wonderful kid’s of C.P.H Children’s Psychiatric Hospital at U of M” feel free to stop by and visit it.all are welcome to join.
    see you there.


  16. seymour tuchas Says:

    hey friends,
    i have set up a group for us kids that went to C.P.H. it is on facebook under the title “The wonderful kid’s of C.P.H Children’s Psychiatric Hospital at U of M” any one that was an inpatient is welcome to join and share their storys.see ya there.

  17. Katie Says:

    Since the other group is no longer up, all former cph kids are welcome to join a new group I put up called “the C.P.H. club.” If you email me at I will send you an invitation through facebook. This group is geared toward helping us support one another by sharing testimonials, photos, poetry, and articles, as well as making long standing friendships. I hope to hear from you soon!

  18. Katie Says:

    By the way, please make sure you put “cph club” in the subject line. It will probably go to my spam folder, and I want to make sure it doesn’t get thrown out. thanks!

  19. seymour tuchas Says:

    the other one is up you just got booted out for being mean to me!

  20. Katie Says:

    Sorry Scott, sometimes I speak without thinking. I hope you will forgive me one day. And I’ll try to chose my words more carefully in the future.

    God bless,

  21. Denis Davison Says:

    I was one of the first three kids that started off that music program. Harold McFall played trombone and if I remember correctly kenny smith was the other cornet player.

  22. Katie Says:

    I got a new email address because my old one was hacked into. Please contact me at if you would like to join the cph club on facebook.

  23. Anonymous for now Says:

    Interesting…Katie is right, there is very little on CPH on the internet
    at all. (understandable, I suppose, what with liability
    and privacy concerns) I was a patient for 9 months during ’66 and ’67 (6th floor). I’ll be in touch about joining the facebook group.

  24. seymour tuchas Says:

    a few years back i tried to get the medical records from UofM. that turned out to be a big waste of time. for a almost two year stay they sent me back 30 pages of dribble. on the second try with them i recieved 100 pages of dribble. no doctor’s names or daily reports or anything like that.
    i do believe that since it was a teaching hospital that the records were “sealed”. UofM does admitt that they have all the records from the hospital from day one.most are on film if thats the case why won’t they send anything of value? it must be the sealed issue.
    i guess the world may never know.
    even though it was a bad time in my life i do miss the two winters i spent sledding down that big hill.

  25. brian j. parent Says:

    i was at cph from 1970 – 1973. i often wondered if cph was torn down to make room for the “new” u of m hospital. does anyone remember skeezer, the dog at cph. still have skeezers picture after all these years. i am turning 53 in march. i came to cph when i was 12 and left when i was 15. i have a picture of cph and the old hospital – i loved it there, and i never wanted to leave.

  26. brian j. parent Says:

    i just read cph was torn down in 1992. i feel bad now, but i guess that is progress. i remember so many kids names from back then. i really loved going to camp. i went to tappan jr. high before i left cph. my teacher was mary ann (amie) lentz. i was on the fourth floor. i was the oldest and almost got sent to npi. i am glad i was able to stay at cph. i liked the lake days, too. i went to cph in 1979, and was able to see the floor where i lived for those 3 years. i saw john taylor, r.t and lots of other people. i have spoke to 3 cph kids on the phone over the years. who remembers “boogie” the kitchen lady on the 4th floor. i have some really great memories…

  27. anonymous for now Says:

    Thanks for posting, Brian. I certainly remember Skeezer (she almost
    bit me once, when I petted her when she was eating). I remember
    John Taylor, but the guy who made one of the deepest impressions on
    me was Ben Maxwell, the head ‘Recreational Therapist’. A very good guy.
    Some of the teachers’ names I remember are Judy Hertz (or Herz), Ron Carroll,
    and a lady whose last name was Doyle (an ‘occupational therapist’).
    I joined the Navy in ’72, and had to get them (CPH) to give enough of a
    recommendation that the Navy would take me. A good bunch of people.

  28. brian j. parent Says:

    i spoke to john taylor the other day. he was a great guy. i liked ben maxwell too. i remember a girl at cph who was caught in a fire and severly burned. i almost cry-when i tell people about it. i was 12 when amie lentz introduced us. amie said she did not want me to run into her in the stairwell or elevator, and be afraid. i still remember the burned girl. i hope she was able to lead a normal life after cph. no doubt, you and i were at cph together, anonymous. i remember one boy james f., went to boystown. he and i wrote a few times. the kids i spoke to were amy l., eric b., and jim b. i entered cph on september 10, 1970. and discharged in july 1973. i have told friends about cph overs the years, but i never tell them the REAL reason why i was there. i say a nervous breakdown. i am proud to have been there. my psych was dr. zinn-didn’t like him at all.

  29. anonymous for now Says:

    That was always one of the questions in my mind, what to tell
    people about where I had gone to school in ’66-’67. I lived in Ann
    Arbor, and when I met people who had gone to one jr. high school, I’d
    tell them I went to another jr. high. Several close friends knew
    I was at CPH, no one gave me any trouble about it, but I always
    wondered that they REALLY thought, LoL.
    I enjoyed my time at CPH in some ways, not in others. Several of the
    other kids on 6th level were tough kids from Detroit, and for a while I
    was a target of bullying. It might have been my fault in a way,
    I WAS kind of a twerp. My doctor was Stephen Kwass. A nice enough
    guy, but like all psychiatrists, he was kind of overconfident that he was
    always right….

  30. brian j. parent Says:

    anonymous for now, i had a problem with that too. i was from grosse pointe woods, and one day i vanished from the neighborhood, and kids would come to play and i was never there. i wish my parent’s would have “helped” me with this PROBLEM. we should of told people i am attending school in ann arbor, and left it at that. i would have killed to live in ann arbor-love that college town. you were there a few years before me. i got bullied a bit too, because i was from gpw, and some kids felt i was rich. we were NOT rich. most of my memories were really good. loved skeezer. my dog was put down – while i was at cph, and i really wanted skeezer to spend time with me. i was on the fourth floor and skeezer was on the 6th. i ran the projector before i left-john taylor gave me the job. i went to tappan jr. high school before returning to grosse pointe. its sad i have had serious problems all my life. i still can remember john taylor saying: “yesterday is history.” i miss cph – it got me away from school problems in gpw and out of an alcoholic home. my dad drank.

  31. anonymous for now Says:

    Hi, Brian. I have a question. When you went to CPH, did you go
    to Tappan Jr. High for school WHEN you were at CPH, or after?
    When I was there, CPH had a school set up on 2nd level, and
    had classes for kids grouped by age….not grade by grade, but
    ‘young’, ‘middle’, and ‘older’. I guess the kids I was grouped with
    were Junior high age, about 12, 13, and 14. I was 13 when I was
    there, and I don’t remember if there was anyone older there at
    the time. When I was in high school a couple of years later, there
    was a kid who was a patient at CPH who was going to classes
    there….I don’t know how we knew he was a CPH patient, but it seems
    to me that no one gave him any trouble about it. We were on
    friendly terms, and exchanged stories, but we weren’t great friends
    or anything….I think he was a year or two younger than me
    at that time.

  32. brian j. parent Says:

    anonymous for now, i went to tappan jr. high school – BEFORE leaving cph. then to austin catholic prep h.s., in detroit – after being discharged, and couldn’t keep my grades up. so, i returned to g.p public school. i went to g.p. north h.s., where i graduated in june of 1977 – when i was 19. i loved the school at cph. no grades or report cards! i was in the room with the 2-way mirror, amie lentz was my teacher. then amie and our class moved to the last classroom on the right side of the hall. did you go to pioneer h.s.? i went to basketball school there every summer – it was really fun. john taylor’s son went there too. i was in with the kids who were 12 to 15-years-old. i liked going to o.t and r.t. did they have “model club” when you were there? (dennis burke ran it when i was there.) do you recall the tree fort out behind cph and then there was one by the baseball field too. its going to be 41 years since i went to cph. i plan to go up there this summer when the weather clears. i know cph is gone, but i just want to walk around ann arbor like i did when i was young.
    go to the “arb” and the park with all the ducks. walk down washtenaw ave. liked i owned the town. do you still live in ann arbor? take care

  33. brian j. parent Says:

    anonymous for now, just joined the cph kids

  34. anonymous for now Says:

    I have left an e-mail for Katie, the lady who started the CPH group
    on facebook. I remember fishing in the Huron River, just where it flows
    into the Arb. There weren’t too many other kids interested in fishing, LoL.
    O.t. was fun, I still have a couple of leather belts I made, and surprisingly,
    cooking was always popular, we could make pizza, or cookies, or cake
    I don’t remember the ‘model club’, not that there might not have been one.
    I also DO remember occasional evening walks downtown with several
    kids accompanied by a couple of staff members….we would wind up at
    ‘Discount Records’ everyone would get to buy a ’45’ record.
    No, I don’t live in AA anymore, I’m out in West Texas, near El Paso.

  35. brian j. parent Says:

    i glad you wrote to me. i’m real lonely. lived alone FOREVER. i used to go to south university by myself. i had “city privlages” and could go out on my own. but at night i could always be found in the gym – shooting basketball. i remember EVERYTHING about CPH. one day one of the staff from the fourth floor showed up at our house in gpw. then we went for a visit, then in i went for 3 years. i recall no visits for 30 days, phone calls, or letters. i was okay then for those 30 days, but later on i got really homesick. i was okay during the day, but at night i was sick, and wanted to be at home. i remember, one time i was supposed to return from a weekend pass, and my parent’s kept me an extra day. i am single, and have NO real friends. friends to me, are people you can tell anything to. most of the 4th level staff, i liked. there were a few staff – i couldn’t stand and was glad when they quit. i wondered how they got that job and if it paid well. i was going to apply in 1979, but never did. katie was at cph, like us. she was on the 5th level. are you married? what do you do for a job? i work in printing. we printed a u of m job showing the hospital area. we went to all sort of events, and i still want to know – who paid for all those tickets. i wrote last night and “spam karma 2″ ate my message. i will write to you here. hope to see you on FACEBOOK. got a few photos of me at CPH, going to scan and post in our club. bye for now. brian

  36. anonymous for now Says:

    We could have used you back in ’67, Brian. The r.t. people set up
    a couple of basketball games with the younger boys at the Maxey Boys
    Training School. Forget in-patient therapy, Maxey was a bada$$
    reform school, and the kids there who played basketball were good.
    There were a couple of athletic kids at CPH (not me,
    I was tall for my age, but really UNathletic), but we weren’t really
    in the same class as the Maxey kids. We hardly slowed them down, I
    seem to remember scores like 50 to 20, with CPH having the 20, LoL…..

  37. brian j. parent Says:

    i was 9 in 67, but if i was 12-15, i would have really put a hurt on the maxey.

  38. anonymous for now Says:

    You’d probably have been more of a help than I was, LoL…..
    You had a couple of questions from a previous post, Brian….
    No, I’m not married. I guess my life is pretty lonely, but there ARE
    compensations, I get to do what I want to do, no one to say no.
    I work as a pilot for a small air cargo company in El Paso. When I
    joined the Navy in ’72 was the first time I had to try to get records
    from CPH, and when I got my pilot license I also had to get a
    letter detailing my medical history. For my aviation medical
    certificate I dealt directly with Dr. Kwass, who had been my therapist
    at CPH, he was easier to deal with.
    You talk about going into CPH without much notice, from living in gpw.
    I had been seeing a therapist at CPH every week on an ‘out-patient’
    basis, then my parents asked me if I’d like to live there a while.
    I was very lucky though, my folks really got into what they were trying
    to do at CPH. Looking back, it’s hard to say how much therapy really
    helped, but I certainly learned a lot, and had some good times.

  39. anonymous for now Says:

    I tried posting another comment, but it hasn’t showed up.
    I wonder if the spam filter thinks it’s spam?

  40. brian j. parent Says:

    never ever thought therapy helped. i am sure they tried. i hated dr. zinn and i feel he didn’t like me much either

  41. brian j. parent Says:

    SCOTT, i don’t know you. but why don’t you give us another chance. i am in the club. i was at cph from 1970 to 1973. why don’t you write to me here. i would love to have you back in a club. but write me here and we will “talk.” i think you will like me. i know you were mad at katie. i feel we are a lot a like. brian j. parent

  42. anonymous for now Says:

    Brian, the last post I was trying to make was blocked by the
    spam filter, I think. What I wrote about was a book about
    Skeezer, written by a lady named Elizabeth Yates….The title
    is “Skeezer, Dog With a Mission” you might be able to find a
    used copy through Amazon.

  43. anonymous for now Says:

    Keeping my post short, for the spam filter. Hollywood made a movie
    about Skeezer, based on the book. But it was really quite different, by the
    time show biz was done with the book, it was unrecognizable. You
    can see a summary at

  44. brian j. parent Says:

    hi anonymous for now, i read the book, but never saw the movie. would love to see it. i will have to get the movie. did katie send you the invite yet? i wrote SCOTT – to try to get him back in our little group. but i don’t know if he wants to deal with katie.

  45. Katie Says:

    lol That makes me sound really bad Brian. You said you don’t know if he wants to “deal” with me. I’m not that bad! I know it’s hard to really get to know people through cyber space, but I’m not an ogre or anything! I just stuck my foot in my mouth one day and said something stupid, nothing unusual for me /:

    Anyway, I first want to say thank you so much to the people who have kept this page up!!! Without it we would never have been able to find one another. Thank you Brian for reaching out to Scott, he is and forever will be our brother! And anonymous please please please send me another email. I never saw your first one. I will add you to my fb friends list and get you right in our private club.

    I enjoyed reading your conversation up there. I was in from ’78 – ’79. A lot of similarities, a lot of differences. There weren’t really any bullies when I was there, except I found out recently there was a girl who “hated” me but it was because she liked Steve, and he liked me. Now he and I are good friends. She kind of disappeared unfortunately or we would ask her to join too. I thought she was my friend. But you know how it is. Anyway, I will be looking every day for your email Anonymous!!!


  46. Katie Says:

    one more thing… time they did a book about us! (:

  47. Katie Says:

    I just thought of something, the correct email address for me is Anonymous! The other email address was hacked into. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

  48. brian j. parent Says:

    attn: to all kids who were at CPH – it’s time to come to our group :) if you were there from the 1st load of kids to the very last – when the doors closed, please – send an email to: time to join. CPH ran from 1956-1989. i know you are out there. you are going to love our group – skeezer wants you to join, too. i was there from 1970-1973. you all know me. i spent all my time in the gym shooting hoops. take care. brian j. parent

  49. anonymous for now Says:

    I’ll second what Brian and Katie have to say….
    At least say ‘Hi’ here!

  50. brian j. parent Says:

    one more thing is the subject line – please put: “CPH KIDS”

  51. anonymous for now Says:

    Even if you didn’t have a very good time at CPH, or didn’t
    like some of the other kids, drop us a line. People change, and,
    well, we ARE grown up. I’d LOVE to talk to the kids I knew from
    CPH, including the ones I didn’t get along with. People can see
    other points of view much better as we get older….

  52. brian j. parent Says:

    scott, please come back to “THE CPH CLUB.” my private email is contact me there if you want to. hope to hear from you real soon

  53. brian j. parent Says:

    SCOTT, send me an e-mail, at: i was at CPH, too. i was there from 1970-73. PLEASE contact me real soon. if you contact me, then i will send you my phone number. then we can talk. i know how hard life can be. i have been kicked around in my life. i know you were at CPH after me. i went for a visit in 1975 and then again in 1979. you don’t have to post here. send me a private e-mail when you get a chance. i am very kind and loving person. i think you will like me a lot – plus i’m really a funny person. brian j. parent

  54. BRIAN J. PARENT Says:

    scott, i have the info on how to get your records from u of m hosp., including cph, contact me at take care my friend. hang in there…things are going to get better for you. i’m on your side.

  55. Katie Says:

    A yahoo group has been created for anyone associated in any way with the former C.P.H. in Ann Arbor. It is called, “I remember C.P.H.” Anyone interested is welcome to join! Thank you again to the Vinyl Orphanage site administrators for helping us out!

    This group is for anyone associated in any way with the former C.P.H. on the U of M campus in Ann Arbor, which was in operation from 1955 – 1992. Staff members, family members and inpatients are all welcome to join and take part! Resources, poetry, photos and research materials are linked to this site also. All are welcome to peruse.

  56. M.M. Says:


    I was a patient at MCPH, as it was called when I was there in ’65/’66, for around an 8-month period, as I recall.

    It’s pretty eerie to read these posts about that place that I was at all those years ago. For me it was a pretty horrendous experience, mostly because back in those days I was about as self-centered as a 9-year-old could be. Lost a ton of self-respect … and on two occasions I made The Good Lord so mad at me that I came within an atom’s width of having my soul ripped into shreds during h*llish nightmares.

    I’ll now go and take a look at the places mentioned to see what’s going on with some of my fellow former mental patients. Thanks for your time.

  57. anonymous for now Says:

    stupid spammers have found their way here…..
    die, spammers.

  58. anonymous for now Says:

    To the admins…..thanks for nuking the spam……

  59. Katie Says:

    Hi MM. I saw your post, but if you sent me an email I didn’t get it. I’m so sorry. Please try again and I’ll make sure I’m looking for it. boy I know what you mean by haunting. I didn’t think about the place for about 29 years buy always had nightmares. Here is my email Please find us, we want you in our group! Katie

  60. Katie Says:

    Hi MM. I saw your post, but if you sent me an email I didn’t get it. I’m so sorry. Please try again and I’ll make sure I’m looking for it. boy I know what you mean by haunting. I didn’t think about the place for about 29 years buy always had nightmares. Here is my email Please find us, we want you in our group! Katie

    thank you again to the site developers for letting us stay here. You are very wonderful people!

  61. Katie Says:

    Hi MM. I just put up a note, but I don’t know where it went. Anyway, please email me at I will be looking for you! Please try to find us, and we will try to find you!!

  62. anonymous for now Says:

    spam seems so pointless somehow…..and the spammers seem
    so dumb. I hope the site admins clean up again. t.i.a.

  63. Katie Says:

    Are we no longer able to publish here? It is the only way that we former CPH patients have of getting hold of one another. So I hope and pray you will still help us out.

    MM, I am hoping to hear from you. Here is my current email address: Please find us. I will be looking for you every day! Katie

  64. Katie Says:

    we can’t post here anymore?

  65. katie Says:

    ok, for some reason my last posts didn’t go up. this is for MM, if you should visit again. I am looking for you so please email me at We want you in our facebook group, and any other of the CPH remnant that is still on this earth. I will keep checking my email for you! don’t give up! We have a great group, and we want anyone who used to be at Cph in it! thanks Katie

  66. katie Says:

    I guess it only posts short messages… MM if you see this, please contact me at I will be looking for you and anyone else who sees this who used to be at cph.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    MM if you see this, please contact me at I will be looking for you and anyone who sees this who used to go to cph.

  68. katie Says:

    MM if you see this, please contact me at I will be looking for you and anyone who sees this who used to go to cph.

  69. katie Says:

    MM if you see this, please contact me at

  70. Katie Says:

    MM if you see this, please contact me at I will be looking for anyone who sees this who used to go to cph.

  71. Kate Says:

    MM if you see this, please contact me at I will be looking for you and anyone who sees this who used to go to cph.

  72. Mary Says:

    sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t

  73. Katie Says:

    MM if you see this, please contact me at I will be looking for any one who sees this who used to go to cph.

  74. Katie Says:

    MM waiting to hear from you or anyone else. please email me at put cph kids in the subject line.

  75. Kate Says:

    MM waiting to hear from you or any other cph kids. please put cph kids in the subject line.

  76. Katie Says:

    CPH kids, please email me at I will be looking for you.

  77. Katie Says:

    CPH kids please email me at I will be looking for you.

  78. Katie Says:

    CPH kids, please email me at I will be looking for you

  79. Katie Says:

    Here is the new facebook page for anyone and everyone interested in the former C.P.H. in Ann Arbor MI. It is called “I remember C.P.H.”!/groups/395709663791973/

  80. Katie Says:!/groups/395709663791973/

    I Remember C.P.H. on Facebook.

  81. Denis Davison Says:

    If anyone from C.P.H stumbles upon this page…you can look us up on face book or type in the wonderful kis of cph and get in contact with us.

    Denis Davison

  82. Denis Davison Says:

    The wonderful kids at cph

  83. Ben Johnson Says:

    ANGELO Z…… I remember you being in a room with Mike Barker.

  84. white rabbitt Says:

    hi i was in cph for 3 years i remember ben maxwell the bike hikes the walks to get ice cream going to football games cph was a lot of fun the cookouts made alot of friends there my email is

  85. john thomas Says:

    this katie girl seems like a desperate whack job. i went to cph in 1976-77. some things are best left alone.

  86. MM Says:

    john thomas — that’s not a very kind thing to say.

  87. Denis Davison Says:

    I’m looking for kids that were at c.p.h. between 1974 and 1977

  88. Katie Says:

    John Thomas, I work with people in mental health every day. Believe me nothing you say can offend me. Nice try though. :) Anyone looking to join others from cph, there is an open group called “I Remember C.P.H.” If you are a former kid who went to C.P.H. I will make sure you get to the secret group, after you have joined the public one. God bless you all, especially John Thomas, whom I suspect is either Brian or Scott in disguise. ;)

  89. Katie Says:

    For anyone wanting to know, the reason there were so many repeats above is because they didn’t post right away, so I kept redoing it to try to get it to go through. Eventually it so now there are like a thousand repeats. I can’t believe this page is still here. Thanks to whoever runs it.

  90. Jacqui Says:

    I am looking for anyone who spent time at CPH from 1983-1985. There was a therapist who was referred to as “Kermit” that I would love to get in touch with and thank him for his hard work and diligence to help me. I did an interview for my senior research project while in college, and spoke with a MSW woman who headed up the Children and adolescent unit, she knew exactly who I was speaking of and told me that “Kermit” now worked with Adults in the psychiatric unit. I remember a few kids by the name of Dan, Laura and Kerry….? We went to some theater and watch Return of the Jedi:)

  91. Steve Says:

    Thanks for the post! I loved when Ken @ WFMU would play this album and wanted to hear the rest of the album.

  92. Brian Parent Says:

    Jacqui, When I was at CPH…I remember Kermit – his real name was Kermit Buck. He is still around…John Taylor, Ben Maxwell, and Amie Lentz are dead now.

    Just got in touch wioth one person from CPH. I was there from 1970-1973.

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