Our Rehab Program

Here is an overview of the process by which a fallen member of the vinyl community finds a new home in our state of the art facilities.

Our rescue team makes regular visits to locations where forgotten vinyl is known to live. Frequently, we find the downtrodden in flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales, but they can be found almost anywhere. Often their environment is a hostile one, as the following photographs will illustrate. We must warn you that what you are about to see will shock and sadden you.

See how these poor souls are forced to live. Crammed in together in a rickety high-rise tenement.


Or this unfortunate lot forced to share precious living space with old clothing and a rusty walker.


At least these folks are offered the benefit of being able to stand up, but that fellow in front looks like he could use a new set of clothes.


After removing the vinyl from their offending environment, they are taken back to our Rescue Mission facilities and the healing process begins.

The vinyl are given a bath, a spin on the turntable, and a new sense of hope and encouragement. The details of the individual are recorded and new living quarters are arranged.

One of our staff gives the vinyl a much-needed bath and a whole lot of TLC.

Bathtime at the Orphanage

A view of the happy vinyl peacefully living together in their new state of the art home.