Meet Pastor McPurvis

Pastor McPurvisThe plight of the forgotten record was first brought to the attention of Pastor McPurvis almost a decade ago while running an otherwise ordinary errand.

On one fateful day, Pastor McPurvis was on his way to pick up a number of glow-in-the-dark rosaries to be used as door prizes at his parish’s annual beef stew social. The rectory station wagon had been acting up for months and, as luck would have it, decided to break down right in front of a dilapidated thrift store.

After calling AAA and being informed that there would be at least an hours wait, Pastor McPurvis decided to kill some time by browsing the thrift store shelves.

Almost immediately he was drawn to a dusty, dank corner of the shop and was horrified at what he saw. Once dignified vinyl albums were living in a most reprehensible state. Crowded together, filthy with dust and grime, some even lying naked without benefit of their sleeves. “Who is responsible for these records!?”, the Pastor demanded and was only met with blank stares and shrugs of shoulders.

It was at that moment that Pastor McPurvis decided to dedicate his life to the rescue and rehabilitation of vinyl. The Rescue Mission began small at first, with only a milk crate to act as temporary housing for the rescued. Soon however, word spread of the Pastor’s work and the Rescue Mission grew by leaps and bounds.

Today, Pastor McPurvis is known far and wide for his efforts, and is affectionately known as “The Ecclesiastic Plastic Spastic” by record albums worldwide.