Meet Our Residents

Our Mission provides a safe haven for many fallen members of the vinyl community. Our state of the art living quarters offer our residents a place to rest up, recover, and begin the healing process. We invite you to tour our facilities and meet some of our friends in need.

reldir.jpgSeverly Religious Wing

For our residents who can’t get enough of that ‘Old Time Religion’.

mandir.jpgRakes & Rascals Wing

For our male residents who practice two deadly sins – vanity and lust.

laddir.jpgWayward Women Wing

For our female residents who unfortunately did not treat their bodies as temples.

eatdir.jpgGluttons & Drunkards Wing

For our residents who indulge in sensual pleasures repeatedly and to excess.

diydir.jpgD.I.Y. Wing

For our residents who decided to take matters into thier own hands.

dandir.jpgFrenzied Floor Flushers Wing

For our residents who insist on performing ungraceful, vulgar exhibitionism, in couples or alone.