Welcome Guardian Readers!

Pastor McPurvis offers a hearty hello to all the folks coming to us via our recent mention in the Guardian. A big tip of the hat to Chris Salmon for including Vinyl Orphanage among all the other great places to find free and fun music. Have fun poking around and as always, Enjoy!

4 Responses to “Welcome Guardian Readers!”

  1. Soraia Says:

    I found your site from the guardian and I think it’s EXCELLENT! Thanks for sharing these dusty gems.

  2. Nick Says:

    Just came here on Guardian recommendation – it’s great, nice site.

  3. M Strane Says:

    Greetings! Love this site, hard to find some good albums this days..

  4. john of whitsunday Says:

    love it …pastor purvis you are a gem !!! lol

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