Album Share: There’s A Lot Of Lovin’ In This Old Boy Yet – A. J. Marshall

A.J. MarshallCurrently up for your listening pleasure is this curious recording from 1969 by A. J. Marshall. This album isn’t all that obscure, but I’ve never seen it offered for sharity in its entirety and I really think it deserves a wider recognition.

All that really needs to be said is that this is a collection of contemporary (for the end of the sixties) tunes sung, without irony or humor, by an Al Jolson impressionist. That, in a nutshell, is the premise of the album.

I wanted to be able to write some insightful/witty comments, but I’m at a loss. My suggestion is to just listen to it. My favorites include Little Green Apples, I’ll Never Fall in Love Again, and You’ve Made Me So Very Happy.

The liner notes curiously allude to but never mention Al Jolson by name. They were written by Sammy Cahn, who gushes about Mr. Marshall’s and the album’s merits. The arrangements by Bobby Gosh are well done, and perfectly offset Mr. Marshall’s vocal gymnastics.

Have fun listening and as always, Enjoy!

Download all the mp3s and cover art in one 50 MB zip file.

11 Responses to “Album Share: There’s A Lot Of Lovin’ In This Old Boy Yet – A. J. Marshall”

  1. bunnyboy Says:

    Thanks for the album, can’t wait to hear “By the time i get to phoenix” in a Jolson stylee. Thanks for the link to your flicker page as well, my favourite was “in the window”, hee hee hee. I recognize the “my patio” as well. We have a lot of “my” things at our house too.

  2. Bassooner Says:

    Mammy! What a lalapaloozer, it’s better than I expected. Mostly pretty good, but I thought his vibrato was a little too fast at times.

  3. Donna Lethal Says:

    I would listen to it just on the merits of the cover art alone. Burning now!

  4. dan Says:

    Another great find. I do wish there were more “oh, mammies” thrown in.

  5. pierre Says:

    excuse for my english, but i want thank you for your site and this album.
    The music and the arrangements are great, and ,of course, what a voice !
    thanks !!!

  6. mafke Says:

    Great stuff! My favorite is ‘young girl’ (which I listened to about 20 times in a row and which my brain has not yet recovered from).

  7. DJ LoKeY Says:

    Great tunes will use when I DJ weddings. The older guests will appreciate. Thanks for the downloads.

  8. Taylor Says:

    Thanks for the site.

    But man… I give this band 2 stars.

  9. Taylor Says:

    Thanks for the site.

    But man… I give this band 3 stars. (2 for the music, and a bonus star for the album cover)

  10. dustbuster Says:

    gee, I wonder if he’s wearing a toupee?

  11. Mike Hoffman Says:

    At first I didn’t get the Jolson connection, so it was tough (and weird) trying to figure out why he was singing like that. Sure, we laughed.

    But after many, many listenings it’s grown on us. Maybe it’s partly the strength of the material, but I think it’s also coz it sounds like an album by Quasimodo.

    It’s all sorta touching, like Love Songs Sung by a Monster.

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