Album Share: Spirits of ’71 – High Spirits – Holy Spirit School Choir

I first shared this gem way back in 2005 and thought the time had come to give it another go around.

What we have is an extraordinary recording from 1971 of the High Spirits Choir of Holy Spirit School in Columbus, Ohio. The director, Sister Carol Ann Krell, expertly manages to coax out some truly beautiful performances out of a group of approximately 160 children aged eight to fourteen years old, without it becoming  cutesy, pretentious, or boring. The children build up musically rich arrangements from simple guitar and percussion elements, sing in well, but not over rehearsed voices that blend wonderfully, and display an enthusiasm and sincerity that just drips off of the vinyl.

The Pastor is especially fond of the performances of Bridge Over Troubled Water from the Peace Medley, Taste Of Honey, and Everybody’s Talkin’ at Me.

The school is still in existence, but there is no mention of the group on their webpage. A few years ago I found what I believe was the Dominican convent where Sr. Krell was stationed, but emails inquiring about the recording went unanswered.

If you are looking for more from the High Spirits, they released a Christmas album in 1973 that is available to download at the always interesting Music You (Possibly) Won’t Hear Anyplace Else blog. The liner notes to this album mention that this is the second recording, so it looks like there yet one more waiting to be found. Have fun listening and as always, Enjoy!

Download individual tracks:

Side One:

1. Peace Medley
2. Love will keep us goin’
3. Everybody’s Talkin’ at Me
4. My Love Is Warmer
5. So Long, Stay Well
6. Raindrops
7. Autumn Leaves
8. Long Way to Go

Side Two

1. God Of Our Fathers
2. Circle Game
3. Let It Be Me
4. Look What They’ve Done To My Song
5. Lara’s Theme
6. Taste Of Honey
7. I’ll Be There

Album Art


Or download all tracks and album art in one 47MB zip file.

9 Responses to “Album Share: Spirits of ’71 – High Spirits – Holy Spirit School Choir”

  1. ms. xtro Says:

    wow, welcome back! it’s been so long since i stopped by here, i hadn’t realized you were posting your wonderful vinyl orphans again. the holy spirit choir christmas music is so cool, i have to also hear this. thank you! glad to see the lights back on here!

  2. Eduardo Says:

    I heard this record earlier than in 2005, perhaps in 2003.
    I had downloaded it and heard hundreds of times.
    The sound is great, mesmerizing.
    I lost the files and have been looking to find it again for quite a long time. I finally ended up here at the same place where I had originaly downloaded it. I can only thank you. And this time I will keep it.
    Congratulations from São Paulo, Brazil.

  3. Andy Says:

    I heard a version of “Never My Love” by these kids, does anyone know where that came from? Doesn’t appear to be on either LP…

  4. Arthur Says:

    I got it when it was first uploaded! This album was probably the best music find I had since the invention of the internet. “So long, stay well” makes me cry each time I hear it.
    Thank you my dearest friend!

  5. charlie Says:

    hi guys,
    looking for the christmas album by the same choir. link above doesn’t work, anyone know where else i caould find it?

  6. Diane Littleton Says:

    It was so great to find your site. My brother, my two sisters and I all sang on this album. Unfortunately, we have lost our copies. What fun memories you have brought back. Thanks so much for sharing this. I too would love to find the Christmas albums.


  7. Rick Stadler Says:

    I am a proud member of the High Spirits that performed and recorded 3 albums and a 45. We were amazingly blessed by Carol Krell’s educational and leadership capabilities. No school that I know has ever had so many long-term relationships built and maintained because of this unique opportunity. If the host of this site could please contact me, I would be more than willing to provide all recordings.
    Thank you

  8. Peter Stadler Says:

    This is to add to my dear brothers comment….DITTO 😎

  9. Eric Says:

    Peter Stadler ^ I would love to hear more recordings. I just found this album at a thrift store. Its missing the back cover, if there was on. I really love the sound and songs.

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