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Our latest offering brings us the musical stylings of Cordovoxist/Singer Shelly Taylor. Although somewhat of a mystery, Mr. Taylor seems to have been active in the nightclubs of Florida sometime during the last century. In this recording he is performing as a solo act, but there are references to him also recording albums with singers Leigh Rocke and Billy Glenn released by vanity/song-poem label owner Bob Quimby.

Side one of this recording is all instrumental with Mr. Taylor pulling out every Codovox trick in the book on standards such as Exodus, Blue Velvet, and Moon River. Side two brings Mr. Taylor’s pipes into the mix as he croons of love and Loneliness (the only Shelly Taylor original on the album)

All in all this is a fun little recording. Quirky, a little rough around the edges at times, but decidedly sincere performances from a man who is clearly passionate about what he does. Although I was not able to locate an obituary, this site for a (defunct?) web design company mentions that Mr. Taylor died unexpectedly in March of 1998. Have fun listening and as always, Enjoy!

Download all the mp3s and cover art in one 47 MB zip file.

10 Responses to “Album Share : The Shelly Taylor Touch – Shelly Taylor”

  1. ashley Says:

    thanks so much for posting this. i’ve really been enjoying this album very much. thanks!

  2. David Taylor Says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing my dad’s album on your site! I am Shelly’s oldest son. My father was a great dad and a great musician. He was one of the top accordionists in the world. Before he moved to Daytona Beach, Fl from NYC, he had worked for Guy Lombardo and also with Ted Mack. He was a 3-time winner on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour.
    Sadly to say, the morning after he played a gig with Billy Glenn, (April 19, 1989) celebrating their 29 yrs. as a team together, he had a massive heart attack and died at the age of 67. Also, sad to say, Billy Glenn passed away last week at the age of 73.

    Thanks again for remembering my father on your website.
    -David Taylor

  3. Debbie Taylor Says:

    I, too want to thank you for remembering my dad, Shelly Taylor, as my brother stated above-ditto!!!

  4. Barbara Wilmoth Says:

    Shelly was a dear friend and the greatest musician ever to live in the Daytona area. He had the distinct gift to hear a song only once and remember it forever.

    We lost a dear friend and a wonderful entertainer. Shelly will be missed always.

  5. Bob Seitz Says:

    I remember living in Daytona Beach in late ’75 and early ’76 and working at a few odd jobs as well as performing music in some of the beach hotels and I always heard about Shelly Taylor beaing a great entertainer. I remember seeing his name on the marquis’s but I never got the chance to actually see him perform.

  6. Pete Lewis Says:

    Sorry to hear Shelly and Billy are gone. Listened to them many times years ago in Daytona Beach. Two great musicians.

  7. eileen Says:

    Would like info on how to purchase Billy Glenn & Shelley Taylor’s music
    Saw them many times in Daytona Beach, such wonderful
    music. Wonderful entertainers.
    Please contact me thru my email
    Thank you,

  8. rosemarie smith Says:

    I recently found out about the passing of Billy Glenn….. knew Billy from the 70’s.. so a really old friend… had a residence out of the country the last 14 yrs.. so lost touch with him..i am so sorry for that…he was a very special person… I would like to know how if possible to purchase any recordings of Billy even if with someone else such as Shelly Taylor…thank you so much….

  9. rosemarie smith Says:

    would also like to know where to find “Billy Glenn’s obituary.. looked in daytona beach journal but couldn’t fins.. would like to read and keep.. thanks

  10. Marshall Reed Says:

    I have looked all over for any info on Shelly Taylor and/or Leigh Rocke. I just found and purchased an album from Goodwill called “Let Us Entertain You” It is autographed on the back by Mr. Taylor. The album, Carellen 128: The Rocke-Taylor Revue — Let Us Entertain You (“Shelly Taylor on the Cordovox; Leigh Rocke the Exciting Voice”; not a song-poem record) was sponsored by Sheraton Motor Inns. Other than that, there is not much info out there on this duo.

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