Album Share: Michael Quint In Concert

Michael QuintUp this month we’ve got the vocal stylings of South Florida entertainer Michael Quint ready to tickle your aural sensibilities.

This album, recorded in 1977, sees the impressively pompadoured Mr. Quint performing a concert in front of a polite if not enthusiastic audience. Mr. Quint has a unique singing style that includes several unusual vocal effects including tongue rolls, spoken interjections, unintentional yodeling, and an especially wide vibrato. He also treats the audience to a few impressions during his Elvis medley.

Mr. Quint sings in front of a band that includes keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, trombone, and various woodwind instruments. The arrangements (by two gentlemen named Morris Hubbard and Mike Lewis) are serviceable, but the band sounds under rehearsed overall. If I had to bet, I would say that this was probably some sort of pick up group hired to play only this concert.

I haven’t been able to find out any information about Mr. Quint. Some of the others listed on the back cover have gone on to bigger and better things, most notably the recording engineers Joe Foglia and Peter Yianilos.

Have fun listening and as always, Enjoy!

Download all the mp3s and cover art in one 68 MB zip file.

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  1. Marijn Says:


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  2. Georgy Says:

    Very bad singer.In restaurant sing any better .

    Super bad !
    Spasibo about information!

  3. Göte Says:

    Hi, I don’t know if this is a good space to place a little request or just speak out a wish.

    I’ve been looking over the internet and all the record stores I had come across, not founding anything with Len Chandler.

    I think that if I should find him on the Internet one day it would be in an Vinyl Orphanage.

    Good luck with the mission.

  4. MentalRob Says:

    This is amazing! Thanks for posting this treasure, you made my day!

  5. John Stevens Says:

    Mike Quint and I went to high school together in Deerfield Beach fl. The Quint is short for Quintaliani.He his brother Chick and his Dad sang in a trio known as the Quint brothers trio. I havent seen or heard from Mike in 30years or more.

  6. Mauramania Says:

    I have been searching for Michael Quint on the internet for years! We used to go see him perform one summer in the early 90’s at a beer and pizza joint called Vicky’s Apizza in Madison, CT. He entertained the hell out of us and all the 50-somethings that ate up his version of “Delilah.” He was accompanied by his drummer who went by the name, I believe, of Johnny G. Johnny G had a perpetual cigarette dangling from his lips and every song seemed to have something of a bossa nova beat.

    Eventually he left us for bigger and better things (a gig at Water’s Edge in Westbrook) and not long after, Vicky’s burned down.


  7. Anthony Quintiliani Says:

    I am Anthony Quintiliani and I am Michael Quintiliani’s son. I am 20 years old. My father has GREATLY improved with age. He is doing well these days. Johnny g passed about 5 months ago from lung cancer. im not sure of his exact age. I was shocked to see this album on the internet. My father is truly gifted and will be performing these classics live again. Just to get his facts straight: his oldest brother’s name is Tony but they call him chuck (not chick hahaha) his youngest brother is Dean. My grandfather’s name was also Tony. He passed october 11th 2008. Michael Anthony Quintiliani was born on September 11, 1955.


    Hello Anthony,

    Just came across this a few minutes ago by accident!! So glad you posted this! Your dad was and probably still is a great singer. When you see him tell him Tracey from The Emergency Room days in Pompano Beach, FL was asking about him and glad he is doing wellI’ll always remember him and his dad singing Quando Qaundo. We had some wonderful times together. How is your grandmother?
    My email address is I’m on FB,too. My last name is not Fortner anymore but I thought he might recognize it..or even Zuccala. Mention that name. That should do it!

    Glad you are a proud son!!

    Tracey K

  9. Dave Gamell Says:

    Hello Anthony,
    I grew up with Mike and Tony. I too went to Deerfield High School. I would hangout at your grandparents house with mike when he would practice. I remember a couple of incidents when mike and I would be running from some girls house trying not to get caught by their dad. I could tell you some stories. Your dad was a great friend and I can’t wait to reconnect with my old friend. I am glad I found your brother Mike on facebook and you through this venue

  10. Judy Macartney Says:

    Hi Anthony!

    I used to live across the street from Michael when he and his parents lived on 11th Terr. I’m embarassed to tell you that when I was 11 yrs old he was my first crush! He and Chuck used to practice in the garage. The neighbors and your great grandparents used to tease me when Michael sang Hey Jude. Michael was always very kind to the awkward little girl who use to play street basketball with him and the other neighbors. He will always have a soft spot for Michael for treating me with kindness in what was I’m sure an uncomfortable situation for him. I’m glad he has lived his dream…..

  11. Lee ABRAMS Says:

    I have known Michael for almost 40 years. He is truly one of the most gifted performers I have ever seen or heard. Yes and his “Music of the Night” is truly a masterpiece. Bravo, Bravo!!!!!!!

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