Album Share – A Cabbage Patch Christmas

cabbage.jpgWe shared this album last year during the holiday season, and we’ve gotten some requests for it this year so, in the spirit of giving, we present for your listening ‘pleasure’, ‘A Cabbage Patch Christmas’. Produced in 1984, by Steve and Tom Chapin (brothers of Harry Chapin) the album is a mix of traditional carols, original songs, and thinly veiled marketing designed to squeeze every last Christmas dollar out of parents everywhere. The recording is actually very well done. The arrangements are good and well played and the production is impeccable. However, it is also damn annoying. My heart goes out to all the parents who had to listen to this over and over again. Was it really necessary to make Colonel Casey, the official Cabbage Patch delivery stork, sound like Uncle Remus from ‘Song of the South’? My favorite tune of the collection is ‘Gimme Gimme Take Take’ which, appropriately sums up the whole Cabbage Patch hysteria of the early eighties. Have fun listening and as always, Enjoy!

Download all the mp3s and cover art in one 35 MB Zip file.

209 Responses to “Album Share – A Cabbage Patch Christmas”

  1. Grant Says:

    I cannot thank you enough for this. Oddly, in my house, it was my mother who loved this to death. My brother and I had nothing to do with that album’s eventual disappearance, we swear. Even my sister grew tired of it.

    We can all still sing along with all the lyrics.

    On the other hand, Gimmie Gimmie Take Take is actually a pretty damn good song.

    “There ain’t no gimmie gimmie take take when they’re givin’ things to you!”

  2. Lee R. Says:

    This is great! :D Thanks Pastor!

  3. Breha Says:

    I can not THANK YOU enough for making this available. I listened to this album growing up, it meant Christmas to my best friend and I. We even acted out the songs as a mini musical when we were much younger. This brought us instantly back to when we were 6 playing in my room, decorating for Christmas with extra decorations handed down to us by our parents. I’ve been searching for this for years and years in any other format than vinyl. To finally have this on my iPod is the best Christmas gift ever. Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. Capt Says:

    Pastor, I had a request for your “Christmas Carillon From Bok Tower Gardens” at my yuleblog a while back. Just so you know…

    Glad to have the Orphanage up and running again!


  5. Kelly Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I found the album on Ebay a few years back but had no luck in getting it converted to CD. You are a God-send! My mom, bother & sister are going to be SO thrilled with this!! Thanks again!

  6. Jeff Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this album again. This will make my Sister’s Christmas this year!

    Thanks Again!


  7. Kerrin Says:

    Oh my god! I had this record 20 years ago and i’d listen to it OVER and OVER again all year! Thanks so much for the nostalgia!

  8. Jen Says:

    My dream come true! I have the old tape, but there wasn’t a good way to convert to CD. Now it’s on my iPod. This CD means Christmas to me. I decorated the tree every year from 1st grade through high school listening to my old tape. It’s going to be a great Christmas. Thanks for this blessing!

  9. Jaymo Says:

    I just converted this from my wife’s old tape to mp3 format for our daughter . . . and here it is in it’s glory!

  10. Erin Says:

    This is fantastic! My sister and I were just reminiscing about our old Cabbage Patch Chrismas record and were trying to remember the lyrics. We finally decided to google it and here we are! I also used to perform a mini-musical of the Cabbage Patch Christmas with my childhood best friend! I’m thrilled to have this in mp3 format. Thanks!

  11. Leslie Says:

    Thank you!!!! I have this favorite memory of one christmas break where my brother and I created a whole reinactment of this album. My favorite track was gimme gimme take take where we would play tug of war with a christmas present package eventually destroying it. I am so excited that now I can share this album with him and his children. I love reading here that others had the same connection to this album as I. I also bratilly was proud and spoiled owner of 8 cabbage patch dolls. yeah I’ve found my tribe!! ha!!! Love and cabbage patch!!! Forever digital!!!

  12. Emily Says:

    This is AMAZING!! I have been searching the web for the tape for years!! My mother lost the tape and has been sad about it every Christmas since…I can’t wait to give this to her. Too bad I didn’t find it before Christmas!! Thank you so much for this it’s truly a blessing!!!!!

  13. RPL Says:

    My 3 daughters grew up with this album playing every Xmas. It has become part of Xmas for the whole family. We love the songs. When we put up the Xmas tree, we always play this. We own the vinyl album still and I was going to digitize it. But fortunately, I found this before Xmas 2006 and downloaded it. Thanks!!!!

  14. Natalie Says:

    Oh my gosh! I am so excited that I can download these! I’m a child of the 80’s and LOVED this album! I thought my mom would have to record it on a cassette tape (of all things) from the crackly record we owned for me to hear these again. I was to anxious to download all of the files at once – I had to play them individually and sing at the top of my lungs (my boyfriend is quite confused at this point).
    THANK YOU! Yay!!!!

  15. Debbie Says:

    This is GREAT!! I’ve been looking for this for years.My son’s grew up on this and it made our Christmas so much more fun.My son found this the other day and called to tell me. What a blessing!! Thanks Chris
    Thank you

  16. Jenny Says:

    I think it is wonderful that this album is available for free download! When I was little I would start listening to this album right after Halloween. It instantly put me in the Christmas Spirit!!! I’m so glad I can enjoy this as an adult with my 3 1/2 yr old. It brings back the best Christmas memories!

  17. Jane Says:

    My daughter loved this album. I can still hear her singing “One More Dream to Christmas” as she tried to fall asleep on Christmas eve. That is a very special memory and I am delighted to have this. Thank you for bringing all of us who have posted this pleasure.

  18. Rachel Says:

    My little sister received this cassette tape in the early 80s for Christmas one year. It became a tradition to listen to it every year. Before the tape competely wore out, my sister made a copy. But we wore that one out too. I’ve been looking for YEARS for a modern replacement and stumbled across your website. Thank you so much for this family treasure.

  19. Suzanne Says:

    My little sister forwarded this on to me. I thought we were the only ones who had this album. I now see it was a cult classic! Like many, we would act it out and dance to it. Most years, we still re-inact it much to our brother Patrick’s delight. Who could resist such classic lyrics as “Sing Hey, Sing Hey-diddley, Hey-diddley-High, Sing High,Sing Low…Over the snow!!”
    What makes this particulary pathetic is that my younger sister was about 8 years old then and I was in college. Our oldest sister even loved to pretend she was the littlest cabbage patch who stepped out for the solo during “One Dream till Christmas.” You can’t keep good music like that down! Thanks for the memory!

  20. Tiffany Christie Says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I love this album so much! I still own this album but I don’t know where it is since I’ve moved from place to place over the years. The last time I heard this album was when I was about 8 maybe 9 years old, but I would play it over and over again…not only during Christmas time, but all throughout the year!!! I have been looking for this album on the internet for quite some time and this is the only website that displays what I was looking for…I don’t understand why it is so hard to find “A Cabbage Patch Christmas” album when it was so popular!!! Well, I have already downloaded the songs and I have been listening to them every day!!! Everyone thinks I have gone nuts because I am 28 years old and listening to this music…but they just don’t understand that I haven’t heard the album in many years and it is refreshing to my soul to hear it again…It’s so funny too, I remember all the songs as if the last time I heard the album was last week or something!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR THIS GOOD MUSIC!!!

  21. Theresa Van Lare Says:

    I have been searching for this album for years!! I own the record but my player no longer works. Even at 22 this is still my all time favorite Christmas album. Thanks so much!!

  22. Ralph Walker Says:

    Found this on a whim that maybe it was available for sale. Can’t imagine I found it for free.
    This was the all-time favorite album of our three daughters growing up. My sister bought it for them when they were very small and we played it every Christmas as we decorated the tree, and then it was on and loud as the girls rushed into the room on Christmas morning to open presents.
    What a joy to hear it again, so clear and like the first years we had the record.
    Thank you so much. I’ve forwarded the link to my now grown and married daughters for them to download and play for their children and children yet to come.

  23. Maynard Says:

    You are doing the lord’s work here!

    Hey Tiffany drop me a lne, been a long time!

    (Uf that is the same person)

  24. Carolyn Says:

    I just wanna say thank you so much when i was like 5 i played this so much it drove my sister crazy she decided to hide it but then when christmas came the next year she couldn’t find it and i was to say the least crushed i loved it with all my heart well as years went on i never forgot it and i searched to buy it since i was 16…. im now 21 and on a whim i was serching with my niece to show her what i grew up on and i came across this great site i just wanna say thank you so much and im sure this christmas my older sister who also grew up on it(she now 30) will be oh so greatful! lol im so exited!

  25. Stacey Says:

    Oh my gosh, thank you SO MUCH!! I’ve been trying to get this for years!

  26. Amanda Says:

    Thank You so much. growing up this tape helped me settle in on christmas eve and all the songs bring me so much happiness.

  27. Julie Says:

    My MOM just found this for me…thank you, MOMMY! I’m so excited that I’m almost in tears sitting here. I would listen to the first half on Christmas Eve then get up and get the other side going even before I went to see what Santa brought! I taught preschool last year and took the old album for them to enjoy…though I’m sure I enjoyed it more! I can’t wait to play it so often that my own little girls know every word just the way I do. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  28. Julie Says:

    OH…and I still find myself quoting, “Its gonna be a B-i-i-i-g day” just the way Colonel Casey says it! Some things stay with you forever…

  29. Brandi Ann Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I’ve had this tape since I was 3 or 4 and it was the first Christmas album I listened to every year – until two years ago when the 20 year old tape just couldn’t make it anymore. Sadly this was just after I managed to get my husband to agree to try and convert it to a CD. Now I’m a mom of two 15 month old girls and I can’t WAIT to share it with them. I can’t Thank You enough for bringing back my FAVORITE Christmas tradition!!

  30. Amee Says:

    I am so excited to find this recording. My sister and I had this album as a child and we loved it. We listened to it year round. I am now 30 and have two kids and I can’t wait to play it for them.

  31. Meredith Says:

    Thank you, thank you…I want to decorate my tree today…I missed this so much from my childhood…now I get to share with my girls…

  32. Jennifer D Says:

    WOO-HOO! My mom bought my sister and I this tape zillions of years ago, and we have copied it so many times it practically wore out! Last year, I bought a copy of the original record on Ebay and had it turned into CD’s so that we could always have a copy. Now, I find I can also listen to it online at work!

    Some of my favorite holiday memories have this as their soundtrack!
    Thank you!

  33. Sheree Says:

    I was completly beside myself when I came across your website. I am giving my daughter a cabbage patch kid for Christmas this year. I got my first one in 1983 and had this album. I loved it so much, and am so thankful that you have made it possible to share with my daughter 25 years later. I called my mom the moment I found your site, and it brought back so many memories for her as well. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! This was a wonderful gift for the Christmas season.

  34. Face Says:

    I cannot express in words how excited I was to find this album on here!!! It’s a Christmas tradition in my family to play this album first thing on the day after Thanksgiving in preparation for the holidays. We have it on cassette and it’s not the best quality. My brother & his wife just had a baby and I was desperate to find a copy for them so they could keep the tradition going in their family. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  35. Tiffany B Says:

    I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to find this website! I have been looking for this online for so long! I had this cassette tape when I was little and, actually, still have it but it is beginning to not sound so good. My mom and I have always enjoyed it and now I can share it with my daughter as well. Thank you so much for bringing back a wonderful tradition into our family. (we’ve always listened to this song while decorating the tree and while making cookies!) Oh the memories this brings back!

  36. TheDonald2U Says:

    OMG!!!!!! I have been trying to find this album for years. I have very warm memories of playing this it and singing along w/ my little sister when she was growing up. She is going to be so thrilled that I found these songs. Truly I cannot thank you enough. God Bless You and Merry Christmas indeed!!!!

  37. Vince D Says:

    Words cannot express my joy to find that you have this album available for free download. I would’ve paid top dollar just to hear this album one more time. I couldn’t think of a better Xmas present than this album for my sister. My brother-in-law even went as far as contacting Parker Bros. directly to try and get a copy of this album with no luck. We’ve been looking for this album for years and years.

    Also, to my surprise, I was pleased to see that soooo many other people shared the same Christmas memories as my family and I. Like some of the other people, we played it sooo much that we wore the tape right out. This is going to be the best Christmas in years thanks to you.

  38. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you so much. Like everyone else, I loved this corny album. My brother and sister would sing this together for our guests on Christams (corny as ever I know). We LOVED this album. Thank you so much for sharing!

  39. Chiliving Says:

    This album was one of those albums that made me know from my head to my toes that it was Christmas. Thank you so much for putting it on this site. Now I can burn a CD and listen to it in my car or play it on my computer. I am now a mom of two and plan on passing down this music to them. My husband is going to think I am crazy for liking this music so much.

  40. Ricardo Says:

    Thank you very much for doing what you do! As everyone said, yes it is corny. And we all kind of grew tired of it… but I still catch myself singing the songs every once in a while. My mom always tries to find a way of sneaking it in during x-mas (she still has the tape) and now I plan to play it for my daughter. Still can’t believe you actually had this on here. This is great!

  41. Dianne Says:

    Thanks you soooooo much!! My children grew up listening to this. I’ve been looking for it everywhere! I remember my son standing up in his car seat (Hush! It was the early 80s) and singing this to the top of his lungs. I can’t wait to rip or burn or whatever it and give it to him. He will be so excited!! He’s 27 now. Thanks again!!!

  42. Jasmine Says:

    Oh my Gosh thanks so much I have been looking for this for years! We used to listen to this when we were opening Christmas presents up to when I was in college the record was damaged in a flood and opening presents has not ben the same.
    Thanks again!

  43. Lin Says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I couldn’t fall asleep last night because I kept singing Gimme Gimme Take Take…I couldn’t even remember where I knew the song from!!! I haven’t heard it in at least ten years….I called my sister when I found this website and she was so excited!

  44. Gwen Says:

    Wow! This is awesome! I have a great gift for my brothers this year! Like most of the other posters here…this was a favorite tradition growing up! I am so excited to play it for our Christmas get together. Thank you!

  45. Sara Morrison Says:

    Thank-you so much for posting this album, it was a huge part of my growing up. I’ve been searching for years for this. Thank-you ever so much.

    God Bless!

  46. Danielle Says:

    Wow! Thank you soooooo much for posting this! I have been looking for a way of putting these songs on my computer. This is soooo exciting!

  47. emily bachmann Says:

    oooooh the memories….thank you so much!!

  48. Shannon Pope Says:

    If I was asked to describe Christmas growing up this would be the first thing to come to mind and I’m sure if you asked my sister and brother (and even Mom and Dad) they would say the same. Now thanks to you I am able to share these wonderful songs (and memories) with my four year old daughter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  49. Stephanie Says:

    Thanks so much! Alhtough my mom still has the LP at her house and it’s in working condition, I know where to come if it’s ever lost or destroyed! I truly thought my sister and I were the only ones who knew the words to Gimme Gimme Take Take Take. I can still remember sitting in church as a child at Christmas and hearing the choir sing Children Go Where I Send Thee and thinking “How cool! They know the Cabbage Patch Kids songs too!”

  50. Betsy Says:

    Thank you!!!! I sing Mrs. Santa Clause to my daughters all the time around this time of year. I grew up with this album and the other album Cabbage Patch Dreams. Me and my sister used to act out each song and we each had our own part that we played every year. I am sitting here listening to all the songs and almost crying because of all the memories in my mind. I am going to give a copy to my sisters and mom for Christmas this year. Thank you for making the holidays what they should be! memories and laughter.

  51. Jessy Says:

    I seriously thought that my family was the only one who still love this album! We still have the cassette at my parents’ house, but I am so grateful for this download so I don’t have to wait until I get there at Christmas to hear it!

  52. Tara Says:

    This is going to be the best Christmas EVER!!! Thank you for posting this album. As a child, I would always play this while putting up the tree and baking Christmas cookies. When I found this on here, I almost cried. Just listening to the songs again, brought back sooo many memories, of some of the happiest Christmas’s ever. I played it for my mom, and right away, as soon as she heard the music, she knew right away. Thank you sooo much for making my Christmas!!!!

  53. Helma Says:

    Thanks!!! I have been searching for this for my grandchildren. It is one of my most favorite christmas albums.

    Merry Christmas

  54. Cassie Says:

    OMG I love you! Seriously! I LOVED this when I was a kid!! What a trip down memory lane!!!

  55. April Says:

    Thank you so much Pastor. I loved this record when i was a kid and i listened to it over and over. it has gotten lost over the years but i’m so glad to have this back in my life.

  56. Natasha Says:

    Thank you so much. This had made my Christmas and it brings back so many childhood memories.

  57. Liz Says:

    Thank you so much! As others have said, this was part of their childhood Christmas memories. My husband can’t stand it and he made the tape I had “disappear” so I am sure he’s going to LOVE this lol. I can’t wait for my kids to listen to this!

  58. David Totty Says:


    I wore this cassette tape out when i was a kid, and it got destroyed in a tape player and i’ve been looking for it ever since! That was back in 1988 or 89!

    I am also really glad to see that so many other people are as excited about this post as well.

    You rock, and so does everyone who commented

  59. Tracy Says:

    I was thrilled to find this, and even more suprised that when I played the first song, I knew every word! You are the best for uploading this. I never thought I would hear it again!!!

  60. Tracy Says:

    I never thought I would hear this again. Im FLOORED! I started the first song, and knew every word! I cant wait to share this with my 3 year old, who has my old tiny plastic cabbage patch kids!

  61. Giggles Says:

    Thank you so much for this! Christmas last year just didn’t seem like it usually is because I couldn’t find my cassette!! I searched and searched and threw a holy fit when I couldn’t find it. It’s been a holiday tradition for me since I was 6 years old to listen to the album over and over while decorating for the season. It eventually became a tradition for my children, too. Now I have it on my mp3 player and on CD. Thank you so very much! I’m not worried about Christmas next year now!

  62. Missy Says:

    I love this album so much!! Ive been searching all over the place for the cassette tape of this I used to have when I was around 6-7 yr’s old. The songs always ran threw my mind and Iam now married & ended up telling my husband about this cassette tape I used to have. We searched everywhere for this on the net E-bay everywhere and no one had the cassette. We do not own a record player or else I would have bought the LP on E-bay. One of my most favorite songs on this is Gimmie Gimmie Take Take! I just told my husband today I wish he cold hear that song and how funny it is Laughs! We just happened to search up the song and it took us to your page! I was sooooo happy when we found it! It’s been so long sence Ive heard this it brings back many memories I listened to this over and over again even when It wasn’t christmas as a child laying in my bed at night falling asleep to it. I remember one song I cryied to because of my past and how things were going with my family. This tape took me into my own little world were there was a perfect family and nothing could be wrong. We saved that file that you posted and we are now going to be burning in on to a CD! I cannot wait untill it’s done Ive waited soooo many years!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH AND GOD BLESS
    Missy (Pennsylvania)

  63. Sarah Says:

    This is great! I am actually looking for the Cabbage Patch album where Sybil Sadie and Rachel Marie get kidnapped by Lavender McDade (with Cabbage Jack and Bo Weasel). My cousin and I were singing what we could remember last night, but could not find the tape. Any help?

  64. Diane Says:

    I, too, am looking for the Cabbage Patch album that Sarah is looking for – the one with Sybil Sadie, Rachel Marie and Lavender McDade. Anybody know where I can get the tape, CD, anything??

  65. Sara Paxton Says:

    WOW! My cousin’s wife Erin found this site and I was SOOOOO excited. My mom still has the yellow cassette tape that I used to dance around the living room too back in 1984…she lives in Florida now and the tape is sadly wearing down and won’t play. So, this site has made my Christmas for next year for our whole family. In fact at a recent birthday party yesterday for my two year old second cousin, everyone talked about “Christmas day in the cabbage patch” I have such great memories from this Tape. Thank you!

  66. Rebecca Says:

    I can’t tell you how much I can thank you for posting this. I loved this album growing up and have been looking for it forever. I have the album sitting right now next to me, but it is too scratched up to listen to. That and my record player needs a new needle. those are hard to find.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you SOOOO much! I have been searching for this for years! I have yet to find another Christmas album with a better version of “Children Go Where I Send Thee” or a more touching song than “We’re All One Family at Christmas”. So many memories…..thanks again!

  68. iloveramieandzoe Says:

    Hi everyone!
    I actually have the tape with Rachel Marie and Sybil Sadie. I was very careful growing up making sure I kept that tape because I wanted to name my first daughter after Rachel Marie, and if you look at my name where it says “Ramie” that is her name. Do you all remember how Rachel Marie’s nickname was “Ramie”? I play the tape for my daughter who is now four all the time, she loves being named after a doll which she also has.

  69. Zaba Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I (28) still listen to this album every year at Christmas time with my parents and sister (31). We are now both married and will be spending Christmas with our husbands and now I found this to put on a CD. Pastor, thank you sooooooooooooo much.

  70. Marissa Says:

    Who would have thought that this cassette would have had such a lasting effect!?!? Like many of the others, this was my brother and my all time favorite, i’m stoked to find the songs again

  71. lauren Says:

    I am 26 years old and I have been trying to find this tape for years! I used to have it and I played it so much that it didn’t work anymore and I stumbled upon this through a search of a search of a search! lol Thank you!

    And Gimme, Gimmee Take Take was my favorite as well, haha.

  72. Amiee Says:

    Thank you, thank you!! I have been searching forever for this online – thanks for bringing back a piece of my childhood :)

    My fave is “One More Day Til’ Christmas”

  73. Mandy Says:

    Thank you, I have the record some where from my childhood. I tried to find it to purchase it for my mp3 player and haven’t had any luck. I have always loved the Mrs. Santa Claus song and have never forgotten it. Thank you so much! Love, Mandy

  74. Anna Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! Christmas has never been the same without these songs! It brings back so many wonderful childhood memories, and I will cherish these songs forever!

  75. Brittany Says:

    I dont know what to say, but THANK YOU!!!! my mom has been dying for these songs for sooooo long. you have played a part in making Christmas even better. ThanK you

  76. nick Says:

    Ive been to flea markets, bought horribly scratched records on ebay, searched the net, newspapers, and record magazines; and you solved the last 15 years of searching in 2 minutes. Sweet. My sister is going to ball her eyes out. Thanks for making me the hero!

  77. Angela Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have so many wonderful Christmas memories wrapped up in this album. I have no idea what happened to the cassette. I feel like Christmas is complete again, and I’ll love sharing this with my own children someday!!

  78. Kate Says:

    I can’t tell you what this means to me. I loved this as a child, and was heart broken as a teen to discover our good old vinyl was warped too much to be played. Imagine my surprise some 12 years later when on a road trip I grabbed a stack of old tapes my family had recorded, to play for my own daughter, then 5. To my surprise, among the other “favorite” songs we had saved, was the entire album of Cabbage Patch Christmas. More to my surprise was the fact that the words came back to me with not a moments hesitation. My daughter so loved it, she even sang “One more dream till Christmas” for her school Christmas program.This has once again become a cherished part of our family holidays. Thank you so much for making this possible.

  79. Jenifer Says:

    OH GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You just made my year. I am 25 for the 5th year a.k.a. 30 years old and I love this album. I have looked everywhere for it! I still know all the words. I am officially the biggest dork EVER!

  80. kay Says:

    We could not believe it when we found this on your site. My daughter listened to this every year when she was little. Then the tape went missing and every year since then she has commented on how we used to listen to it. We played it every year as we decorated our Christmas tree. This year, she is 25, and we are going to put it on right when we start decorating the tree. It will be a big surprise. She is going to love it. Thanks!

  81. Bruce Says:

    I want to thank you all so very, very much for making the Cabbage Patch Christmas songs available…and for free at that!!!

    I bought the Cabbage Patch Christmas music on cassette one Christmas in the 1980’s and somehow, it got lost…or over the years. My two daughters are now 31 and 29 and every Christmas, we talk about that cassette and how we might find another.

    We used to listen to it all of the while as we traveled to visit family during Christmas.

    I have seen many Cabbage Patch albums on the internet, but never came accross this one until today. I searched high and low for the past few years and thought that I would try once again this morning.

    After awhile, I assumed that I wouldn’t find it now either. Luckily, the last particular search word combination I did brought your site up. I was shocked and surprised!!!!

    I am now 58 years old and I still enjoy listening to the songs. After I downloaded the songs and started to play them, I turned the volume up to see if my younger daughter would remember.

    Not only did she remember, but it also brought tears to her eyes!

    They bring back to mind what Christmas is supposed to be about and no longer is.

    Thank you so much!!!!

  82. Missy Says:

    O my gosh!!! I have spent days looking for this tape. I recieved it as a Christmas present as a kid (around 85) and I have listened to it every year while putting up the tree since. My kids now love it too , and it is our Christmas tradition. I got the tree out the other day and was devistated when we couldn’t find the tape. I was almost giving up in defeat when I found this website. My children and I thank you!!!!!!

  83. KarenDiane Says:

    Thank you for posting this! My cassette is on its last legs and I was worried that couldn’t have another Christmas filled with Colonel Casey and the Kids. Lifesaver!

  84. Erin and Dan Says:

    Holy Moly! Thanks SOOOO much! You have finally made it Christmas again for my wife for what she says is the first time in two decades! She cannot stop listening to it – she loves it to a bizarre degree. No coal for you this year!

  85. Kathy Says:

    I love this album! I used to listen to it over and over again when I was really young. It drove the rest of my siblings insane! My fav is “Sadie’s trying out her science kit…” Anyway, I had the cassette and I thought it was lost. I found out later that my mom had taken it so that my sibs wouldn’t destroy it. She has since had it put onto a CD for me and now the rest of my siblings want a copy, too! :o) Merry Christmas!

  86. Maggie Burks Says:

    I cannot tell you how long I have been looking for a way to get this album on CD, it has been years! I could not have asked for a better Christmas gift, I am truly overjoyed. The Cabbage Patch Kids and I shared many Christmases together, most of my BEST! I am so looking forward to singing along while I deck the halls and trim the tree. Even though I am now 29 years old, these songs are still magical somehow! Thanks again!

  87. Jane Says:

    Thank you so much! My family has been trying forever to fix the record player so we could listen to this! What a perfect Christmas surprise!

  88. Janet Says:

    Our annual trip to the Christmas Tree Farm would not have been complete without the Cabbage Patch Christmas music blasting on the car tape recorder. As a family we all sang along at the top of our lungs as each song played. I had our old cassette made into a CD as a holiday gift for my children and now their families sing it as they go out to get their Christmas Trees. My daughter-in-law and son-in-law felt a little left out as we all tuned up but they now join in on all the songs too!

  89. Lauren Says:

    I cannot believe I found this. My husband is in for a real treat when he finally gets to hear this!! Haha. I’ve told him about my old cassette tape of the Cabbage Patch Christmas, but he won’t fully appreciate it until he hears it for himself! :o)

  90. Crystal Bolos Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have been looking everywhere for the Cabbage Patch Christmas. My sister & I will be singing along and thanking you this Christmas!!!

  91. Karla Says:

    To hear this music again, takes me back 20 years….tears came to my eyes when my dad found this!! Now my kids can listen to it when they grow!! It means the world!!

  92. Karla Says:

    To hear this music again, takes me back 20 years….tears came to my eyes when my dad found this!! Now my kids can listen to it when they grow up!! It means the world!!

  93. Amber Says:

    WOW! I had to call my mom and she and I cried while we listened to these songs. Thank you so much for posting these. You are my Christmas angel!!!

  94. Angie Says:

    I will be turning 30 this year and I have 2 sons. One 5 years, the other 5 months. This is one of the greatest memories that I have as a child at Christmas. I loved this tape. I still know the words to many of the songs. Thanks so much. I will pass this on to my children!

  95. Janna Says:

    I’m so thankful to have found this. I bought the record two years ago on Ebay when my tape finally had really died from listening to it over and over. We tried to make a tape of it but the quality just isn’t the same. Plus, I don’t have a tape plaver in my car! How great to be able to have it on my mp3 player now.
    Thank-you so much. I really loved Mrs.Santa Claus and the one more wish at Christmas lullaby.

  96. Leann Says:

    Thank You!!! I have, like many others, have been telling my husband about this album for years. I myself was one of those who played this until my mom would about go crazy. I am so excited to now be able to share this with my daughter 25 years later.

  97. Melissa Says:

    Thank you for posting this for download! My cousin gave me this cassette when she was too old for it and I used to listen to it all the time! This has brought back many Christmas memories. Thank you again!

  98. Cathy Says:

    Thank You!!! I just found this website and all I can say is Thank You!!
    My daughter is starting to enjoy Cabbage Patch Kids too and I love these songs!! Do you know how to get it for Cabbage Patch Dreams too??

    Thanks again,

  99. amie Says:

    Thank you so much! My niece will love it! The songs bring back so many memories!!

  100. Hollie Randolph Says:

    I had this tape as a child………and oddly enough I still have it. It turned up a few months ago and I swore it had been stolen. (With all my moving nearly everything I have owned has been stolen or destroyed at one time or another) I cried when I found it because it is one of the only good memories I have of christmas growing up. I got this for my daughter, and she is about the same age now that I was when I got it. Thank you guys sooooooooo much!

  101. Lisa Says:

    THANK YOU!!! I love Gimme Gimme Take Take! Your mission is admirable.

  102. Tara Says:

    There is still hope for this world. Loved and not forgotten, one of my favorites, the Cabbage Patch Christmas tape.

  103. Kelly Says:

    Wow! I am truly amazed, and thankful for this. My sisters are going to freak when they hear this for Christmas this year. It was always one of our favorites, and something the 3 of us always bonded over.

  104. sam Says:

    Sooooo amazing! Thank you so much for posting this! My brother and I had been listening to this cassette until we were in college, and then it disappeared! We really missed it last year!

    Thanks so much once again

  105. Nicole CW Says:

    Thank you a million for posting this record. Me and my sister used to listen to this when we were little and I hadn’t heard it since then (I’m now 27) and when I heard the songs, I actually cried! Nothing has ever brought me back to childhood like this has. I’m so pleased now to have the songs again so I can play them for my kids :) :) :)

  106. tori Says:

    nicole…me too, this song was brought up at my church not this version,but i said you have got to be kidding me, i immediatly thought of this cabbage patch xmas record…me and my sister used to play this over and over again, i had to get home to see if i could find this on the internet,and here i am!!!! we are so excited we copied it and now we can listen to it all over again!!! My poor mother. i called my sister on the phone,and just played the whole record over the phone to her!!!! we are just soooo happy!!! Very fond memories!!!! whoo hoo!!! ;)

  107. Tina Says:

    This is best gift at the moment…
    I’ve been looking for this soooooo long…
    My mom and I used to dance in the kitchen and polka to all these songs while I was growing up…
    No words can express how happy this has made me and my mom (and perhaps my brother, though I’m sure he’d never admit it)lol!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!

  108. jay Says:

    My parents love this album! or should i say loved…i think their tape finally irreparably broke back in ’97. they are going to be so impressed when i give them a cd of this!

  109. Denisa Says:

    I have to tell you thank you so much. I have this tape and it’s been played for me since I was about 3. It’s a holiday tradition in our home and the thought of not having it this year has about killed me. I’ve worn the tape out from playing it every single year! I just wanted to say thank you for sharing!

  110. AD Says:

    THANKS!! This is awesome-its been so long!!! :)

  111. SN Says:

    Like the OTHERS all said!!! I am so happpy for this to be available! I am now 30 and my sister is 34, this music was a part of our childhood not to mention my mother also loves it! The tape is now worn out and i was so sad! My daughter also got hooked on this music before the tape crashed!!!Thank you thank you!!!Now we can relive and create child hood memories!

  112. Tyrone Says:

    God bless you all for uploading this. I actually have the vinyl record and was wondering how or when I was ever going to convert it and get it on my pc and now I dont have to worry about it and my kids can enjoy this wonderful music this Christmas season! The quality is very nice thanks!

  113. Amanda Says:

    Thank you so much, I am sitting here sharing it with my 8 year old daughter, I was the same age has her when I had the record…I searched the net hoping I could buy it for her, very suprised to find it for free..bless you!

  114. Noel Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I had this tape as a child and it brings back so many Christmas memories. It is, actually, my favorite version of “Children Go Where I Send Thee”. I chalk that up to nostalgia. Thank you once again!

  115. Kathy Says:

    This tape has meant so much to our family over the years and now, as a grandmother who is still teaching, we are using the songs in my Grade 2 classroom in the high Arctic as part of our Christmas Concert. The kids love Gimme Gimme Take Take and I agree with one of the other people that “Children Go Where I Send Thee” is one of the nicest renditions I’ve ever heard of the song. “We’re All One Family at Christmas” is the feature of our Concert. I am so grateful that I googled the song name and it brought me to your site. Thank you so much for bringing these songs to a new generation of kids.

  116. Bren Says:

    I was in this play when i was in girl guides and my sister. mother and myself still enjoy singing all these songs at christmas. It has been ages since i have heard the original songs. Thanks very much this is a real gift xoxox

  117. Tim S Says:

    Tradition continues… Thank you so much for making this album live on, my mother still has it on vinyl, and we always used to listen to it when we decorate the tree at christmas… I’m a grown man now, and have a life of my own, and still love listening to that album when i decorate my tree at christmas.. brough back alot of memories. Thanks very much for a gift that touched my heart and soul. Truely.

  118. Shelley Says:

    Thanks so much. I have been looking and looking and wanted to share this with my daughter as my brother and I grew up on it. I’m thrilled to find it. I can’t wait to relive my magical Christmas years with her.

  119. Abbey Taylor Says:

    You are amazing! I am from New Zealand, but lived in America (South Carolina) from kindergarten to 4th Grade and used to listen to this but thought it was long gone!!!!

    I have such fond memories of listening to this!

    You are a star!


  120. Jenny Says:

    This album is one of the BEST Christmas memories of my childhood!!!! Santa would blast Christmas Hoop-De-Do all through the house when it was time to wake up and let me tell you how excited it made a house full of kids!! I now can pass these wonderful songs down to my children.

  121. Jen Says:

    I love this album. I nearly wore my cassette out as a kid. I even liked to listen to it other times of the year. I still have my tape and took very good care of it, but to have it in digital format is priceless! I have a 2 year old that I want to share it with, but we don’t even have a cassette player in the house!! Thank you so much!

  122. Alyshia Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This brings tears to my eyes. Our casette tape has run out. This is AMAZING. Now I can make CDs for my mother and brother. They will be SO thrilled. Thank you thank you thank you!

  123. Jude Says:

    My daughter is going to be thrilled, I heard talk of this album years ago but had never found it, thank you so much, what a lovely tree for under our tree.

    She is a huge CPK fan thanks to four of my old girls

  124. Jennifer Says:

    Like so many have said before, thank you so much!!! I had this tape when I was little and listened to it every year. During one move it got lost and I was devastated! I finally ordered the record online but don’t have a record player and never got one. Finding this has absolutely made my Christmas. I just sang every single song to my husband and he laughed hysterically because I still remember all of the words. I’ve actually teared up a little! Thank you again for this! Merry Christmas to all!

  125. Kristen Says:

    i really can’t thank you enough for this!

  126. Sarah Says:

    Thank you so much!! Like a lot of people, I still have the cassette tape but have been unable to find a digital version. I loved this so much growing up. Thank you from the bottom of my hear.

  127. Chris Says:

    Like everyone else before me, infinite thanks for this! My mom listens to this on cassette tape every year at Christmas. The tape is getting pretty old because it was recorded off of the record a long time ago. This will make her Christmas! Thanks again!

  128. Lucie Says:

    You have made my day! My whole Christmas!! We’ve been looking for this for a couple years to replace our lost record from childhood (well, we listened to it every year right up through college, actually:)! Thanks you so much and Merry Christmas!

  129. Laura Says:

    YAY! I have been craving some Christmas Hoop-De-Doo for YEARS!

  130. Karen Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I was singing “Cabbage Patch Kids hanging up their stockings…” to myself and decided to google it. I was thrilled to find your site! I will never forget sitting in the kitchen floor with my red cassette player listening to this album over and over again! I was crushed when my tape got stuck in that little red player and was ruined. Thanks for the happy Christmas memories!

  131. tara Says:

    Thank you so much! This album defines Christmas for my sister and I, and we’ve fought about ownership of our cassette copy for eons. You rule!

  132. Rebekah Says:

    Thank you so much! I have looked every where wanting to get these songs so my little girl can grow up with them like I did. I’m so glad I found them.

  133. Emily Biegel Says:

    Thank you so much. This was my favorite album when I was a kid. I’ve searched all over and was so excited to find your site!! This is the best Christmas present ever.

  134. ANNA Says:

    Thank you very much! I have been searching for this album for months, when i was a child my parents, brother and I always played this tape over and over again around Christmas and loved it. I was unable to locate another copy until now and cannot wait to share it with the rest of the family! We all turn into kids again when we listen to these songs :-)
    Thank you again!

  135. Jason H Says:

    oh my god… I LOVED this album when I was a kid… and it’s funny how i still know ALL the words… wow, this brings back great memories..
    My good man, you are awesome! If I had a will, you’d be in it!

  136. Jenna Says:

    Thank you! I was able to share this with my child thanks to you. I listened to this every christmas for many years before it was lost. Amazing memories!

  137. Jenna Says:

    Lol Jason.. just read your comments. I remembered all of the words as well.

  138. Kalen Says:

    My wife listens to this every year but her tape was getting too worn. This will make her day. Thanks

  139. Loree Says:

    I can’t thank you enough!!! This is the one thing from my childhood that was always the same every year. Last week I was shooping with my mom and said it would be so nice to have this again (we still have the tape, but it barely works if at all). You have made our Christmas~!!

  140. Age Says:

    This just made my day and my friend’s….she was telling me the other day about how this is the one thing that makes the Christmas season ring true for her….and that she had lost the tape when she was younger. Christmas hasn’t been the same….she will die when I give this to her. Thanks again for having the songs and the artwork available.

  141. Tracy Says:

    I just want to say thank you…this brings back so many childhood memories! Brought tears to my eyes immediately when I started listening to it. What a wonderful present this Christmas. Thank you again! Merry Christmas to all.

  142. JUNE Says:

    This will make our day – if I can get the album downloaded. It isn’t going well. A Cabbage Patch Christmas has been a part of our Christmas since my daughter was five years old. She is now 30. We have misplaced our CD and have no way of playing the vinyl version. Christmas just won’t be Christmas without it. I purchased Winzip but still don’t seem to be able to download this music. Is there anyone out there who can help? Merry Christmas to one and all.

  143. Emily Says:

    I wish I would have found this sooner!!! So many memories here!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  144. Mike Says:

    Whoooaa! I’ve been looking for this for year and years. I had it when I was a kid and used to play it on my fisher-price record player. Thank you soooo much!!!

  145. Alex Says:

    I’ve been looking all over for this album! I listened to it as a child and the songs still go through my head today. Thank you so much for making this available to all CPK fans.

  146. Nick Says:

    Wow! I’ve been looking for a copy of this for about a decade now. I grew up listening to this album on cassette every Christmas. After losing the tape I’ve been on a constant hunt for it but I always seem to miss it when it’s been posted on eBay. Thanks a ton for uploading it here!

  147. Theresa Says:

    Wow, what an awesome find!!! Brings back so many wonderful memories…

  148. Cindie Says:

    a friend of mine had this album and converted it to a CD for me. i listened to it every christmas. i’ve since lost the CD and everything on my ipod was accidentally deleted… i’ve been looking for this album since!! i can only find it on LP, so you are sooooo wonderful for providing this!!! i can’t thank you enough!!!

  149. Kimberly Says:

    Thanks!! I am going to surprise my mom with this. She bought this for “us” kids. I think she really bought it for herself. We enjoyed many hours of listening to this. I have been looking for Cabbage Patch Christmas for a long time. Now I can share this with my kids.

  150. Hollie Says:

    I listened to this record every christmas for years when I was little. I still have the record but don’t have a record player anymore. What an amazing find! If anyone is having problems downloading, You don’t have to download winzip. Just download the file here and it will be on your desktop. Right click on it and extract data. This worked for me and I am so happy to have this for my daughter as it was very special to me!

  151. flipper Says:

    Thank you SO much! I have the whole thing memorized from countless playings as a kid… when we moved out of the ol’ family home, it was garage sale fodder. But now I can share the songs with my three little boys! Hope my husband doesn’t get too annoyed with it :)

  152. Amber Says:

    thanks SO much!! like so many here, in our house, this wasn’t so much “for the kids” as it was for my mom. this album was her thing. she’d been wanting it on CD, but obviously that doesn’t exist. sure, she’s still got it on cassette tape, but by now it’s got to be pretty worn out, plus i’m not even sure they have a cassette player anymore. is she ever going to be surprised when she gets THIS for Christmas!

  153. MC Says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
    Was looking everywhere for this!!!
    Had a request from someone and could not find it anywhere!!!!

  154. KyuteePy Says:

    This is really amazing! :) I received the tape many, many years ago as an early present from “Santa”. It was literally ON the Christmas tree waiting for me one morning. It reminds me a lot of my father, my Santa for years.


  155. Stephanie Says:

    This is great!!! I have been looking for years to find this. My best friend and I grew up listening to this album every Christmas. I cant wait to let her hear it this christmas… 26 years later at 35 years old we still love the Cabbage Patch Kids!!!

    Thank You for helping us be 9 years old again :-)

  156. Blair Says:

    THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! we had a cassette tape of this and my three sisters and I LOVED this tape as a children. We are all over the age of 20 now and this will make for an awesome Christmas surprise. Thanks!!!!!!!

  157. Robin Buzas Says:

    YEHHH! This is great! My siblings are going to love this as a xmas present this year!!

  158. Julie Says:

    Thank you so much! I really hope it works because this was one of my favorite tapes growing up!

  159. shanai Says:

    thank you so much, really! i loved this tape when i was little and literlay wore it out, i was never able to find another copy. this is one of those things for me that takes me back, i realy love hearing it again, thank you so much.

  160. Jaime Says:

    I had no idea so many people knew of this! What I really can’t believe is that I still know all the words too! Like many others on here, we played and played our RECORD a thousand million times!! What an awesome thing to find!!! My sisters are gonna flip – and my husband and dad are not gonna know what hit them!!!

  161. Emily Says:

    Thank you!! This is amazing! I was going to try to record my parent’s vinyl on my iPod this year to surprise my sisters…but their record player is not in the best shape anymore. This is PERFECT! I love these songs! Thanks!!!

  162. Wendy Says:

    Thank you so much. I misplaced my copy of it and I just cant get into Christmas without it. I got it when I was 8 and I am now 35 and my family hates it but will be happy I found it Thanks so much you make my Christmas!!!

  163. Julia Says:

    This was a Christmas Tradition in my house growing up. We listened to the tape over and over every year, until it was lost. I still find myself singing the songs from time to time in my head. I had looked a few times previous years and never found it. You have totally made my Christmas.

  164. Amy Says:

    I am so glad to have found this sight. I have listened to this tape every year at Christmas.. A friend of mine gave it to me. We would listen to these songs over and over while decorating the tree for christmas. It is something I have also started with my own children. Unfortunatly the tape I have is starting to warp and does not sound the greatest anymore.

  165. Shannon Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! These songs have been in my head for years since I was a child. I used to have the vinyl album and now I can listen to them on my ipod. What a wonderful Christmas gift!

  166. evelyn Says:

    My sister received cabbage patch christmas on vinyl and i received care bear christmas. It was my favorite. Thank you so much!

  167. Lacei C Says:


  168. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I work with children with special needs from needy backgrounds and I cannot wait to share this music with them. God bless you.

  169. Mike Says:

    You just made my wife’s Christmas! Thank you so much….she loved this album growing up and can’t wait to share it with our daughter.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  170. Karen Says:

    Thank you!!! My brother and I listened to this every year as a child but I cannot find it anywhere!!! I love it!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  171. Marcie Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, what memories it brought back from when I was a little girl at Christmas. Me and my best friend listened to this non stop!

  172. MommaSmith32 Says:

    I want to tell you Thank you soooo much for having this for download. I also have been searching for this for years and have had no luck until I found it on here. I will be making a CD for my brothers and my sisters who as children my brother would play Bullweazle. We really had a great time every christmas listening to this tape and we would listen to it throughout the year. My mother got so tired of hearing it but now she wants a copy.

    I was also woundering I have been looking for a old cassette that I had as a kid that is entitled “Glitter and The True Meaning Of Christmas” if you could help me to find that please let me know.
    Thanks Again

  173. Lisa Says:

    Wow! Are you the Good Fairy of Childhood Memories!? My brother, sister, and I used to listen to this ALL the time and loved it! We have been looking for it for years! Thank you!!!

  174. mammas Says:

    I am also looking for the cassette “Glitter and the True Meaning of Christmas”. my Grandma gave it to me shortly before she passed from cancer (20 years ago) and listened to it to so much. if anyone has it that would be great.

  175. Child of the '80s Says:

    Thank you so much for making this album available! I grew up listening to Cabbage Patch Christmas on cassette and now I’m excited to play it for my new son. I love the songs, particularly the version of “Children Go Where I Send Thee.” You rock!

  176. Meg Says:

    I just found this today and I can’t thank you enough for sharing. It took a significant amount of digging before I found your page. I’m glad I stuck with it. This will help make our Christmas very nostalgic. THANK YOU!!!

  177. monica Says:

    My sisters and I used to listen to this album when we were little and it brings back great memories! Though we still have this album, its pretty worn. Now having this digitally copy, we will have this for years to come. thank you SOO much!



  179. Tulips76 Says:

    I cannot thank you enough for making this so easily available!! Hearing these songs bring back wonderful childhood memories and I cannot wait to play the album for my children…. I’m not sure they’ll have the same appreciation as I do, but I hope so!!

  180. Wendy Says:

    Oh My Goodness – Thank you so much! This is my mother’s all time favorite and she’s going to LOVE me for finding it!! I’m so glad to be able to share it with my 3 yr old daughter who has just discovered Cabbage Patch Dolls and loves them as much as I did :)

  181. Judy Says:

    i simply cannot tell you how grateful I am for your site. My daughter and I listened to this Christmas music for years when my daughter was young. We have searched high and low for the cassette (I still have a few cassette players), without success. This will be the best Christmas present I can give her this year. God bless you!!

  182. Katie Says:

    Thank YOU!!!! One of me and my Sister’s Favorites!

  183. Jen Says:

    OMG, I have been searching for this EVERYWHERE. You have just made my Christmas – at 35 years old! – a lot more magical… !! THANK YOU from the bottom of my nostalgic heart… !!

  184. Nicole Says:

    Thank You I am so happy to share this with my little girl I know she will enjoy it like I did:)

  185. Rainbow Says:

    I love this Christmas Album. I can share with the kids I know.
    Merry Christmas. Thank You.

  186. Anmarie Says:

    I used to have the record when I was little, and I played it all year long. When I opened up the files, I knew every word to every song. This record was such a happy part of my childhood. :) Thank you!

  187. jody Says:

    Thank you so much! I had been looking for so many years for this and had just about given up. We use to play this in the car during the Christmas Season when my children were small. Brings back so many lovely memories!
    Merry Christmas and God bless you.

  188. Jennifer Says:

    This absolutely MADE MY CHRISTMAS!!! I can remember listening to this every year while putting up our tree. Even though I haven’t heard it in years I can still sing along every word to every song! I had this on cassette & the last time I tried to play it at my mom’s while putting up her tree several years ago it drug so bad I couldn’t even get through the first song. THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing back so many wonderful memories! God Bless you & yours. Have a very Merry CHRISTmas! :)

  189. Susan G Says:

    I cannot thank you enough for posting this online. I have been searching for this album for a few years now. My sister and I used to listen to this record while we decorated the tree. Decorating the tree just is not the same without this. I am looking forward to listening to this while we take the tree down. You made my Christmas – at 31!

  190. christina shelters Says:

    Wow! What wonderful nostalgia. I was 8 when I was listening and learning these songs, some of which I still remember the lyrics. Now I’m 36 and its such a pleasent discovery to feel that lil’ 8 year old still inside me. Strange too–I was never a CPK’s fan! But this old vinyl was my first christmas love in music. I never thought i’d be blessed enough to hear this again. Thank you so very much.

  191. Cheryl Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU!!!!!!!!! I’ve looked for this for years! I had the origial tape until a few years ago and which point I bought another tape that was faulty!!!! I literally wore the tape out!!!!!!! My kids are going to love this!

  192. Robin Says:

    I just danced around the room because I was so happy to find this! This just made my entire Christmas. Best present I could find!

  193. Amy Moore Says:

    You have NO idea how happy you have made me! I have been looking for my old tape for years. Now that I have two small girls of my own, I can’t wait to share my favorite Christmas album from my youth with them. You just made my Christmas!

  194. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you so much!! I have been looking for this album for a very long time! You have made my Christmas!

  195. Sara Says:

    Thank you soooo much! A huge fan and cats just destroyed my tape player!

  196. Jennifer Says:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU HAVE THIS, and moreso that you’ve made it available to the world!!!! This is going to be one heck of an amazing Christmas, as I’m giong to surprise the pants off my sister, with whom I’ve been listening to the cassette tape version of this album, and particularly “One More Dream ‘Til Christmas” just about every Christmas Eve since we were kids. Now we can share the joy – cheesy as it may be – with her kids!!!

  197. Cindy Says:

    I want to thank you so much for this. My daughter would listen to this year around. She wore out the cassette. Now she has a child of her own and would like this for him.

  198. K.Rose Says:

    I am DYING over the fact that I OWN this now! Thank you over and over for bringing my childhood back to me after all these years. One of my greatest memories of when I was little is belting out 3 Ships (Christmas Favorites song) in my room using a baton as a microphone. Through the years I have brought this tape up to my 2 older sisters, buy they only have a vague recollection. . This year, I;m going to give them a copy on CD at Thanksgiving, and tell them we have much to be thankful for this year! I cant wait for them to listen to it and remember… Thank you SO much again! What an awesome find!

  199. Tiffany Says:

    THANK you so much for offering this album! I loved this as a kid and still have the record, but haven’t been able to find anyone to convert it to CD so I can add it to my iPhone and iTunes playlist until today! I’m thrilled to be able to have these fun songs again and plan to listen to this as we put up our tree this year! Thanks so much!!!

  200. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for this download. My mother was so upset her tape with this album did not work anymore. She is going to be so excited when I bring this to her…it will make her Christmas!! Thanks again for sharing

  201. nancy Says:

    thank you so much!!! I have been looking for a copy of this for years!!!

  202. katie Says:

    Amazing! I loved this album growing up. Can’t believe its been about 25 years and I can remember all these words.. so nice to hear it again.

  203. Dan Milford Says:

    Thank you so much! We still have the original LP – our 35 year old daughter will be ecstatic to have a CD of this! She had been looking for it on Christmas Eve with no luck.

  204. Jocelyn Says:

    Delighted to find this music. My grandchildren live overseas, and I will be spending Christmas with them, the first time in 3 years. This was the favorite album when my daughter was growing up–I am thrilled to find it, and to be able to share it this Christmas!!

  205. Willa Says:

    Is there any way to upload this to an iPhone. Mine is saying it can’t do it. I’d love to have it on my phone!

  206. Bernadine Tobin Says:

    I love the songs now I have 10 grandchildren who would to hear the songs to but I can’t convert to a cd from my album will be great to have them mobil

  207. Ali Says:

    I have been looking for this ever since my cassette wore out years ago…this just made my Christmas. Thank you!

  208. Joanna Says:

    Loving the memories, thanks for posting! I still have the cassette but no way to play it. So happy to share this with my daughter!

  209. AmberSchroe Says:

    Anyone know how or where I can find “Glitter and the True Meaning of Christmas ” !? I’ve been searching for years!

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