New CD, Moog-Tastic! released by Dana Countryman!

June 18th, 2010

Moog-Tastic! cover

Be sure to check out my buddy Dana Countryman’s brand new solo CD, Moog-Tastic! Electronic Melodies From The 24th Century!

Years in the making, the album boasts 13 tracks in a wide variety of styles that are guaranteed to quell any Moog jones you may be experiencing.

Mostly made up of some fantastic Countryman original compositions, we are also treated to Moogified versions of the Beatles’ Day Tripper, Ennio Morricone’s La Califfa (featuring some beautiful work from guest world champion whistler Geert Chatrou), and a massive arrangement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #14, AKA Storm Over Beethoven.

In addition to Mr. Geert, guest performers making appearances on Moog-Tastic! Include Fay Lovsky, Vinnie Bell, Skip Heller, Morgan Fisher, and, of course, Jean-Jacques Perry.

Don’t miss a visit to the official promo page to experience track samples, video podcasts about the making of the album, and other Moog-errific goodies.

The album is available to download on iTunes and Amazon, but (hint hint), if you opt to get a physical copy, I’ve heard rumored there are some extras not included with the digital release.

The Trilogy Tribute Site Launched!

March 13th, 2009

My good friends Joe and Darlene just unveiled a spectacular new site dedicated to The Trilogy, a South Florida lounge group that was active in the seventies. The site is chock full of fantastic images, sounds, and information. I’m going to step back and let their press release speak for itself:

One of the great pleasures in life for music lovers is not so much to find a great recording, but to have a great recording find you. We first heard “Two Sides of the Trilogy” through a vinyl sharing site. The album was rare: it was a souvenir made to be sold at the Trilogy’s South Florida shows in 1973, and only 500 copies were pressed.

Intrigued by its high level of musicianship and the charisma of its three members, Kurt, Lori, and Ike, we decided to create a tribute site to the album and the band. We contacted Kurt and Ike and they turned out to be two great guys: they collaborated with us to make an awesome website, and personally digitally re-mastered the album to CD with all new artwork and liner notes.

Sadly, Lori, Kurt’s wife and lead singer, passed away a few years ago. The memory of her, however, lives on in her music, which is beautifully restored for this release.

Be sure to check out the Trilogy’s site at: for samples of their cool lounge music, two free downloads, stories about the band, the 70s South Florida music scene and lots of groovy photos! And don’t forget to order a copy of this collectible CD!

Album Share: My Happiness – Carol Nelson

September 5th, 2008

carol nelsonOur latest share features the dulcet tones and incomparable style of songstress Carol Nelson of Sarasota, Florida.

Using the stage name ‘Crazy Carol’, Ms. Nelson winds her way through a variety of popular songs with a voice that ranges from a gentle croon to a powerful belt. She is backed up in these endeavors by a fine seven piece band that provide the perfect compliment to Ms. Nelson’s unique interpretations. Be sure to have a listen to House of the Rising Sun and I Will Survive.

I have been unable to find much information about Ms. Nelson. I have found references that suggest that she is still performing and hosting karaoke in the Sarasota area, but she does not appear to do anything in the way of self promotion. There are some fantastic photographs of Ms. Nelson in action on what looks to be an abandoned blog, but I am not sure when the photos were taken. Information is also sparse concerning the many sidemen on the album, but it seems that the lead guitarist, Howlin’ Bob Fieberts is active and currently has an album on CDBaby.

The studio where the album was recorded, Strickland Sounds, is no more having been involuntarily dissolved by Florida’s Division of Corporations in 1988.

Although her pitch may falter, Ms. Nelson will win you over with her heart and spirit. Here’s hoping she is still out there entertaining audiences with her personality and charisma. Have fun listening and as always, Enjoy!

Download all the mp3s and cover art in one 41 MB zip file.